Born in 2010 and studying at Ban Mai Elementary School – Ha Dong, Do Duy Minh Khang is also a FUNiX student. At the age of 10, the boy had already known 4 programming languages, and had successfully made a free English learning website for the community upon completing his first course at FUNiX.

Do Duy Minh Khang is currently studying at both Ban Mai Elementary School – Ha Dong and FUNiX. He had already known 4 programming languages at the age of 10.

Minh Khang first learned IT (Information Technology) via, but was actually interested in programming at the time. It was not until the long Covid break in 2020 that he started learning Scatch on YouTube. Two weeks later, and Khang was already wining the Gold Medal at Hong Kong International Computational Olympiad 2020 (HKICO 2020), and it was this award that got him excited.

Khang continued to try learning Python by himself via YouTube, and it took him a month to know the basics around this programming language. In the next month, the boy delved into Java – and it was then that he first learned of FUNiX – an online learning system for IT where there are no age, distance, nor geographical limits. With FUNiX, everyone can learn IT, make true their hobbies and passions, and aim towards an IT degree or early employment. Thus, Khang had convinced his dad to let him enroll in FUNiX.

With the support from his father, Khang officially became a FUNiX student on August 31, and since then had face little studying challenges. For he is greatly interested in IT, Khang finds his time at FUNiX extremely joyful, as he can learn new knowledges in a systematic manner with clear curricula, and also receive scholarships in accordance with his learning speed. Aimed with family support, the boy is always motivated to learn.

“Since 2nd grade, dad had taught me how to learn at home, and allowed me to choose whatever I like to learn, as long as I find practical values for them in the future. He gave me rewards after each lesson, and also taught me about finance and responsibility: I saved my rewards and gave him 3 million VND every month – that’s 2 million VND for my school tuition, 500,000 VND for electric and water fees, and 500,000 VND for rent, as our current home is rent. I learn English by myself too, and got the PET degree as early as 4th grade,” Khang said.

The 10-year-old boy often did his homework the moment he reached home, then spent 2 hours to learn on FUNiX. As Online learning saves commuting time and offers mentoring and coaching should he face difficulties, it only took Khang less than 2 months to finish Certificate 1.

“After the 1st Certificate, I have learned JavaScritp – a new programming language that allows me to create sales websites, and hope that I can make money from these knowledges in the future. The certificate also made me realized the importance of security. So, aside from building apps, I want to explore security issues to help companies patch those and work better,” he said.

Khang also disclosed that he is building a free English learning website called “Super Learn English” for Starter, Mover, and Fly level vocabularies. He believes that with the website, new learners of the language conquer English easier.

Khang winning the Gold Medal at Hong Kong International Computational Olympiad 2020 (HKICO 2020) (first row, 6th person from the right).

Looking back to his time at FUNiX, Khang recalled his happy memories with FUNiX Hannahs and Mentors: When my mentor asked me to recite in my first Digital Citizen coaching session, “I stumbled and managed no answer”, but after he gave me instructions and notes for important questions, I had managed to learn and passed the Review session by myself in only 2 days. He also shared: “Can’t forget the time my Hannah helped me register for Web Application Review too. We had fun the whole test and I got perfect 10s for all four tests… The closeness and consideration of my Hannahs and mentors had calmed me and encouraged me while studying.”

According to Hannah Anh Nguyen – the mentor who had been with Minh Khang since the start of his FUNiX journey, the boy is extremely smart and proactive. He set a goal to finish Certificate 1 as a 20/10 gift for his mom and Hannah, and managed it a day before.

Minh Khang’s dad – Mr. Do Duy Hoan, had shared that him and his wife is not knowledgeable in both IT and English. Therefore, they could only encourage Khang to learn and take care of himself. Mr. Hoan believes that FUNiX’s learning curriculum falls in line with his educational view, and is suitable for Khang, so he tried to look into it. The appropriate cost, systematic curriculum, and valuable degrees that are equivalent to bachelors… had proven his decision true.

“Learning at FUNiX saves time and costs, all the while helping Khang to develop his self-learning abilities, so we have faith in this learning method. Khang, while young, can keep up well. He is moving on to Certificate 2 after his first one, and I hope that he can achieve good results in the future,” said Mr. Hoan.

Quynh Anh

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