One highlight at FPT Techday 2019 is that for the first time, guests can travel using FPT’s new self-driving car during the event.

Following the topic of “Start smart”, FPT Techday 2019 is to be hold on November 21, and shall focus on finding a smart and efficient starting point for businesses and organizations in their digital transformation journey. Here, businesses and organizations can learn of prominent technological trends, practical starting lessons and experiences in managing a smart business, digital banking, as well as highly applicable digital transformation solutions.

In its 6th year, FPT Techday 2019 is to be elevated to a high scale Technology forum, with high promises of 4 exclusive highlights.

The first Made in Vietnam self-driving car

For the first time, FPT Techday 2019 will bring the experience of self-driving technology, developed and researched by FPT since 2016. The technology was successfully tested at Ecopark civilization in the recent late October.

At the upcoming Techday, guests will have the chance to try out FPT’s new self-driving car by booking them at one of the four stopping stations located inside the National Convention Center – where the event will be hosted.

After booking, the system will automatically select an optimized path for car designation according to booking time. During the trip, the car was able to stop, avoid still obstacles, sudden hurdles, and moving vehicles automatically, as well as dropping off guest on set locations with 100% accuracy.

With the experience, attenders can see and explore for themselves a fully completed product, all developed and built by the Vietnamese mind.

Practical digital transformation solutions for businesses

In its focus to help businesses start smart in digital transformation, the Techday will include various sharing of real success stories on this very topic. Speakers at the event do not only comprise of FPT’s experts and high officials, but also includes esteemed guests from leading businesses and banks in digital transformation like EY, Masan, Nvidia, Sacombank, TPBank…

With their vast experience and knowledge, speeches are guaranteed to be the most convincing, delivering their very own journeys, as well as invaluable lessons for efficient and on-track digital transformation, helping to bring brevity and breakthroughs to business maneuvering.

One notable solution is the smart customer information digitalization solution from FPT.AI Vision, with the ability to identify and extract data from IDs and personal papers of account owners with 98% accuracy. Thanks to this, MB Bank can process over daily 5,000 requests relevant to identification and data processing of ID cards, helping the banking to save large amounts of time and human resources in comparison to traditional procedures.

Tech Arena

This is a playground for programmers and tech students to try their hands at trends and new technologies, with challenging contests like Coder Gladiator, Bot Battle, and Gold AI Miner – all based on products developed by FPT. Participants can enter individually or in pairs, and will have the opportunity to show off their talent, as well as try for the many awards that total at 150 million VND from the competitions.

Comprehensive technological experience with AI virtual assistant

One striking difference to this year’s FPT Techday is that guests will have a comprehensive technological experience from registration to attendance.

The event is expected to attract over 3,000 people this year, and with such a high number, the organizers will for the first time utilize an AI virtual system – one based on the comprehensive AI platform FPT.AI, with the ability to replace call agents in registration and confirmation.

According to an FPT representative, this Made in Vietnam virtual assistant will be and effective right-hand for businesses in their digital transformation journey, specifically in customer service.

All these practical solutions and state-of-the-art tech exhibition will be at FPT Techday 2019. For more updates and registration, please click here.


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