Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been widely used across the globe including Vietnam. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding this topic, yet the role of AI in the global economy in general and Vietnam in particular is undeniable.

In the changing digital world, this is the time to equip yourself with in-depth knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. Here are 4 books on Artificial Intelligence that you should read.

1. Prediction machines: The simple economics of Artificial Intelligence

AI has been lingering in all walks of life, such as phone, car, shopping, dating app, hospital or bank. The global AI race is coming. Every CEO, manager, policy maker, investor, and entrepreneur is eager to learn, develop and deploy Artificial Intelligence to make a breakthrough in their businesses and organizations.

“Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence” by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans and Avi Goldfarb clarifies three ideas:

  • The development of AI does not really give us “intelligence”. An important element of intelligence is prediction;
  • Prediction is at the heart of making decisions under uncertainty. Our businesses and personal lives are riddled with such decisions;
  • AI features can lead to trade-offs: fast speed tend to be less accurate; more automation means less control; more data means less privacy.

Many fear that AI would take our jobs, or even fight against us like the horrifying spectacle in sci-fi movies. Yet with this timely and well-informed book, a brighter future seems to be revealed with countless new opportunities that are opened up by AI.

2. Augmented: Life in the smart lane

For over 250 years, technology has continuously changed the way we live, the way we work and the way we interact.

Such social media as Facebook and Twitter were likely the main reason why Barack Obama won the election in 2008, yet spread the worst defamation and menace in history. It created a wave of cyber bullying that adversely affected several victims and exposed personal information of celebrities and government agencies.

Are these technological advances good or bad? Will constant changes usher in a new age of abundance?

“Augmented” is a story about how you will live your life in a world that will change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 250 years. Are you ready to adapt? Because if history proves anything, you don’t have much of a choice.

3. Artificial Intelligence in practice: How 50 successful companies used AI and Machine Learning to solve problems

“Artificial Intelligence in Practice” is a fascinating look into how companies use AI and machine learning to solve problems. Presenting 50 case studies of actual situations, this book demonstrates practical applications to issues faced by businesses around the globe.

The rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence has expanded beyond research labs and computer science departments and made its way into the mainstream business environment. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are cited as the most important modern business trends to drive success. It is used in areas ranging from banking and finance to social media and marketing. This technology continues to provide innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes, sectors and industries. This engaging and topical book explores a wide range of cases illustrating how businesses use AI to boost performance, drive efficiency, analyze market preferences and many others.

Each case study provides a comprehensive overview, including some technical details as well as key learning summaries:

  • Understand how specific business problems are addressed by innovative machine learning methods
  • Explore how current artificial intelligence applications improve performance and increase efficiency in various situations
  • Expand your knowledge of recent AI advancements in technology
  • Gain insight on the future of AI and its increasing role in business and industry

4. Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to harness AI and maintain the competitive edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing is paving the way for the future of marketing and business transformation, yet many organizations struggle to know exactly how and where to integrate it. Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing outlines key marketing benefits such as accurate market research samples, immediate big data insights and brand-safe content creation, right through to the 24/7 customer service.

How to integrate AI in marketing? What are the effects of AI on the different sectors? You will find the most comprehensive answer in the book.

“Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge” offers in-depth analysis in several continents. For example, Asia-Pacific with tourism; European with three industries where AI is making a big difference: telecommunications, banking and construction (including real estate, construction and facilities management); North America and UK with banking and retail sectors; and the Middle East with technology.

Source: QNAI

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