Among 40 research projects at Pacling 2019 are 4 reports from FPT – the fruit of the corporation’s researchers and teachers. This serves as a symbol of FPT’s development in scientific research for the ultimate target of bringing technology closer to life.

Innovation to make chatbots more “human” by a young researcher

Research on the components of mix domain dialogue” is a topic from Mr. Luong Chi Tho (FPT Technology Innovation Department), focusing on dialogue development for a more user-friendly approach in chatbot applications, so that users get a less “robotic feel” in getting their enquiries answered.

The research will continue to be completed and soon go for practical applications. In education, the product will help answer questions from students regarding policies, school fees, campus regulations… In retail, the product will be extremely useful in product recommendations and spreading promotions.

Expert from FPT Technology Innovations invents an automatic approval tool of online comments for Vietnam’s biggest e-newspaper

Dr. Dang Hoang Vu had proudly presented his research of “Automatic approval of online comments with multi-encoder networks” at Pacling 2019. This technology is currently undergoing a test run on VnExpress –  one of Vietnam’s online news site with the most traffic, filtering comments that violate ethical, cultural, hate speech, and discrimination policies. According to Mr. Vu, this task is often performed manually, and with the new technology, the system can save publishers plenty of time and human resource.

As a technology expert that had participated in various international science events, Mr. Vu had acknowledged Pacling as an esteemed international conference, with high quality, and is a golden chance for Vietnamese researchers.

Young teacher researching a sound recognition tool

Dr. Tran Duc Chung, a teacher at FPT University, Hanoi, had transformed his university project into a research on “Effect of adverse coverage system on the separation of instrumentals and voices using spectrum” at Pacling 2019. The research shall focus on the effects on the coverage system in the voice or instrumental spectrum. This is a project with apparent applications in sound analysis and recognition, as well as sound adjustment and separation…

The research of Mr. Chung has attracted the attention of many researchers at Pacling 2019. He expects to continue with the project at FPT Technology Research Institute.

Innovation for the deaf to assess media products by a researcher from the Western region

Quach Luyl Da, a teacher at FPT University Can Tho has brought to Pacling the research of “Proposal on Vietnamese sign language translation procedure via comparison of classification algorithms.” The research is the product of 2 years of the Western scientist, with the aim to help the deaf easily watch and assess popular media, especially on TV. Mr. Da’s effort had birthed breakthroughs in translation Vietnamese syntax to sign language, as well as in the completion of a dictionary for this language. At the same time, he had built an animated character that shows the sign language, along with head and facial movements. The product had received positive feedbacks from the deaf community.

In the future, Mr. Quach Luyl Da plans to make his research a tool similar to Google Translate for the deaf to free use, and even contribute to the database.

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