DevOps system, Cable out equipment, Practical software, Design Document Generator, “Text to speech” automatic system products from FPT Software, FPT Telecom, FPT University, FPT IS, FPT Retail are the outstanding innovations in the final round of iKhiến contest No. 2.

DevOps system

Confronting with the current situation in FPT Software that many production processes are repeated, the process of software production is not optimized and automated, standards of code quality have been standardized for deployment of the whole company but for each project or small units. While customers require a system that guarantees quality and security.

Recognizing this problem, author Do Xuan Tien and TQA team of FPT Software has invested in research for 3 months to build an automation solution named DevOps system.

DevOps system by Do Xuan Tien and TQA group, FPT Software.

DevOps is a system of many tools assisting the product to reach the stability with the best quality possible. Currently, the system has been deployed for nearly 300 large projects on many different frameworks such as Net, Java, Mobility …

After being deployed, nearly 24 million lines of code have scanned the system and found 791,000 types of problems. 60% of project managers, team leaders were introduced using OSS, Secure code & DevOps through the organization sharing program in three regions.

In 2018, DevOps is deployed for the whole FPT Software with departments from the manager, Dev, QA, and customers. Products continuously sell products and services to large customers such as Capitaland, Petronas, DTL, Miroku…

Automated “Text to speech” system

Currently, FPT Shop takes resources to confirm orders placed online, call back customers to verify orders, reminding customers of paying on time to join F.Friend, or Subsidy program which is being implemented manually and takes a lot of resources.

Realizing that issue, “Text to speech” – software supports for online sales, using artificial systems to communicate with customers has been studied and developed from 1/2018 at FPT Shop.

After customers place orders of accessories on, data is pushed to TTS. Then, the system automatically calls the customer and guides the purchase’s process: Select key “1” to confirm the goods, key”2” to cancel the order and key “0” to the support agent. The time for the system making calls for the customer since absorbing information is 3-5 minutes.

Text to speech improves the order fulfillment rate by more than 20% compared to the traditional sales.

As for debt reminding procedures, when the debt overdue level is available, the operator will call the customer for reminding to pay the charge in the specified time. Based on the registered address, the system will automatically switch to the North, Central and South accent suiting for each customer.

In 2 months using the system, FPT Shop reduced 4 employees. The company plans to cut 20 manpower, saving about 280 million/month plus office expenses. Software increases the rate of debt reminding to customers joining F.Friend. With an average call rate of 1.9 transactions per customer, FPT Retail will reduce its NPL ratio by 20%. The company plans to save 60 million VND per month.

Software testing practice

Since the lecturers of FPT University ‘s manual marking led to the late notification of scores to students, affecting the different departments such as examination center, training room… Mr. Nguyen Bao Trung and FU exam room incorporate to create The PEA System – Practical Exam Software.

Apply from October 2015, PEA – Practical Exam Software has the following main functions: marking of standardized practice tests, control students in using of materials during the examination, assist students during the test, suggest opening questions, return the mark right after submitting time, help students catch up with the wrong answers.

Mr. Nguyen Bao Trung, author of PEA – Practical Software.

The system is supervised by the instructors, the examiners only log on or end up the test once. Students access the link and download to the computer; Login by student ID number provided. Currently, the PEA is applied for two courses in information technology practice and for the exam libraries and students of FPT University.

Practical exam software helps to ensure high accuracy of test results, limit the cheating in the exam, the test section be active in the test results. Before this software is born, each instructor takes 4-5 days for resulting (average 5-7 minutes/post).

Cable-out equipment

Recognizing that the previous cable-out tool was time-wasting and affected working, cable-out equipment was heavy, not lightweight, resulting in reducing labor productivity, author Hoang Quynh Anh and colleagues from FPT Telecom have created Ultra-compact cable product.

The ultra-compact tool consists of around stainless-steel rod to rotate the cable shaft (20 cm length and 2 cm diameter stainless steel bar) and two shafts like two compasses, each shaft consists of a 30 cm stainless steel rod and 25 cm long rod. These two stainless steel rods are assembled together with a screw to be folded when not in use.

With full material, the ultra-compact cable is made in 15 minutes, a very short time to get a product and reach effectivity in working. The use of cable products is also very simple. The product was applied in May 2017 and gave the optimistic results.

Cable out tool from FPT Telecom.

In November 2017, the branch shared the idea of the iDo – Improved car segment and received positive feedback from staff across the country. It just takes 50,000 VND to buy stainless steel material for making products. Time to take out the super-compact cable is 15 minutes and this product can be stored in the tool bag.

Previously, each department needed two people to perform the installation for the customer: One for cable out, one for cable pulling. After the tool is born, it takes only one person pulling the cable to accomplish this task. The tool helps the technician to save a lot of time in work, increasing 50% of the working time (the cable-out time is reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes).

Mr. Pham Nhu Hoai Bao, Director of Southern Management Center (Phuong Nam), FPT Telecom, commented: “Cable-out tool is a good idea, need to widely deploy.”

Design Document Generator

Design Document Generator idea by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh and Mr. Bui Dinh Trieu, FPT IS comes from the daily work needs: Create documents design data automatically based on database design, document design screen based on the designed screen, design quickly for table/column in database, all done manually, very time consuming.

Authors: Nguyen Quoc Photo – Bui Dinh Trieu.

The project started in October 2016 and is in the process of being implemented at FPT IS GMC, scheduled to end in December 2018. From its inception, 76 design samples, without the Design Document Generator, took 283 hours instead of only 3 hours as right now.

iKhiến is a large-scale competition for creativity with the belief that every FPTer has unlimited creativity. This contest is planned to implement annually during 3 years (2017-2019) by the organization of FPT media department, QA department and Chung ta internal magazine.

The special award of iKhiến has 70 million VND value. This is the highest prize up to now for the creative idea which is deployed in the reality. Besides, the examining council will give 2 awards for the best creative individual of the year (for the individual with an invention deployed widely) and the best creative unit with 5 million VND value.

In 2017, SSC portal and “Mo ket” achieved the best creative award of the year, with the prize of 140 million VND, the highest prize for FPT creators.

Source: Chungta

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