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Having placed an emphasis on technology as a key point, FPT Corporation is invariably concerned about the development of technology human resources. By 2015, there are 10.617 engineers, programmers and tech experts in total.


FPT’s technology framework

FPT’s technology community

– Founded in June 2012


+ Building FPT’s technology strategies and policies.

+ Considering, evaluating investment projects on a large scale.

+ Building systems and bestowing technology staff in the corporation.

+ Coordinating technology human resources to corporation’s projects.

FPT’s Technology Department:

– Founded in December 2012

– Responsibility:

+ Carrying out technology strategies and policies required by the technology community.

+ Coordinating technology activities in FPT Corporation.

+ Building budget and managing human resources in FPT Corporation.

FPT Technology Research Institute:

– Founded in 2010

– Responsibility:

+ Researching, developing science and technology; educating not only FPT Corporation’s staff but also domestic and international individuals and organizations.

+ Building education programs and organizing the exchange of the knowledge, information, technology, products which are related to research activities by the institute.

Members’ technology department: Taking the responsibility for researching, conducting technology solutions of units and corporation.

Technology’s policies:

–       From 2012 on, FPT has spent 5% of the profit (pre-tax) for Research & Development. Each of the member companies also allocates a significant amount of money for its R&D activities.

–       Perfecting assessment and rating tool for FPT Corporation’s staff. By now, FPT has 113 people who have been in the ranking of Corporation’s staff

–       In 2015, FPT established FPT Ventures to assist and invest in start-up projects in and out of FPT. After nearly one year of this launch of the investment fund, FPT Ventures has earmarked about 1 million USD for internal and external technology projects such as Ants. Vn ( online trading channel ), CyRadar (Advanced Threads Detection System), ELSA SPEAK (virtual pronunciation coach ),…

Technology community activities

–       Organizing technology events occasionally such as FPT Technology’s day, S.M.A.C Challenge Contest, specializing technology meetings for FPT’s staff.

–       Participating in science and technology events and summits on a national and international scale such as Viet Nam ICT Summit, Mobile World Congress, Gartner Outsourcing & Strategic Partnerships Summit…

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