According to 51% of experts surveyed by Citrix, by 2035, technologies like virtual assistant and augmented reality will help boost productivity to at least 200%. It can be said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting to every aspect of our everyday life as well as acting as helpful assistances to business operations.

Chatbots and voice assistants are solutions commonly deployed by businesses, in order to improve the rate of interaction, transformation, and personalization in customer experience. Along with the development of Artificial Intelligence, virtual assistances are starting to grow smarter and more similar to human, thus bringing about groundbreaking achievements.

Chatbot – The helpful ‘right hand’ in this new commercial trend

According to statistics from Facebook: To 2020, 88% of smartphone users use messaging apps at least once per month, and this figure is expected to reach 90% by 2023, equivalent to roughly 3 billion users. Such transformation is smartphone usage is due to: 59% of users believe chat to be faster and more convenient to exchange information than say, email or hotline. They will be provided with more adequate and accurate information, and conversations via chat can be stored and reread when necessary.

Many finance-banking firms believe chatbot to be an effective solution to tackle the new trend of commerce via messaging. And AI Chatbot are more effective compared to traditional measures in that it can:

  • Be easily integrable in popular platforms
  • Easily personalize customer experiences
  • Learn to smarter the more it interacts with customers
  • Automatically process over 90% of customer inquiries, save costs and labor, while still improving profits

Normal chatbots often answer using keywords used in customer responses. However, with Artificial Intelligence and the advanced Natural Language Processing technology, FPT.AI chatbot can understand the mentality and preferences of each customer, thus providing catered advices and recommendations and improving the rate of successful transactions.

FPT.AI is also extremely convincing to customers due to its outstanding ability to satisfy even the strictest security demands. In particular, data collected by the chatbot will be stored to the business’s CRM system, and is thus effective for trend analytics and strategy design to approach correct potential customer categories.

FPT.AI tech experts also constantly update and introduce new features, as well as offer 365/24/7 support for issues and occurrences during project deployments. Businesses can therefore interact with their customers in a smooth, accurate, and inexpensive manner, and considerably improve their customer experiences.

Voicebot – The virtual assistant for call centers that will take over the future 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to heavy consequences of downsizing and low revenues, forcing businesses to change operations and seek technological solutions to automate their processes and rectify human errors. The boom of AI has been extreme effective to business recovery post-crisis, while also bringing breakthroughs in manufacture and operations.

Actual deployment of FPT.AI Virtual assistant for call centers at partnered companies has shown that this tool helps save 50% of operational costs and increase 40% of work efficiency. Unlike traditional call centers, AI centers are integrated with advanced technologies like voice synthesis, voice identification, natural language processing… thus creating natural conversations between human and robots. The Conversation Management platform also allows business to easily collect statistics and analyze call information.

FPT.AI Virtual assistant can also perform thousands of inbound and outbound call stimultaneously, and support call agents in providing customers with necessary information using predetermined scenarios. With the newest technologies of voice identification and natural language processing the virtual assistant can understand customer intents can respond accurately and accordingly.

FPT.AI Virtual assistant for call centers is suitable for repetitive tasks like answering FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions), send large-scale notifications to customers, respond to and record orders and bookings, and so on. These tasks, while simple, are extremely time-consuming and tedious to human employees, and with a smart virtual assistant, they can be free from these to focus on more specialized and higher value tasks

These “virtual employees” will not replace human, but rather will assist them in business operations. This AI-based smart assistant from FPT.AI can read in many different voices of various ages and accents (North – Middle – South), with the aim to become closer, more friendly, and more accessible to potential customers. The FPT.AI voicebot is the first voice assistant in Vietnam, and one which can help to completely annihilate the consistent “pain points” in traditional call centers of the previous centuries.

FPT.AI is currently a trusted partner to various large firms in Vietnam as well as across the world. With years of experience providing appropriate digital transformation services and solutions to the giants of the finance, banking, insurance, retail… worlds, FPT.AI has helped businesses create sustainable values for a prosperous future.

Thao Chi

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