This AI system integrates IoT and machine learning technologies and allows real-time monitoring. It is now in trial at various aquafarms.

Dr. Hoang Viet Anh, along with his colleagues at GFD Inc. and research team at the University of Queensland (Australia), is currently deploying a system for monitoring aquaculture environments at 15 farms in Ca Mau District, particularly at extensive shrimp ponds and river gates – which are easy grounds for pollution. The project has been implemented since October this year.

According to Dr. Hoang Viet Anh, when tested in real conditions, this system had allowed real-time monitoring of water quality for multiple times a day. Ca Mau farmers can thus add water to ponds and ensure health for the shrimps whenever there is a change in water salinity.

Diagram of the monitoring system. Photo: The research team.

The system is called AQUAM and is able to measure important metrics of water environments that are used or related to aquaculture. The metrics measured include salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, turbidity, and temperature. “This system will allow real time monitoring, which helps farmers get daily and hourly measurements of water metrics, as well as make in time responses to changes in water conditions,” said Dr. Viet Anh.

The system comprises of 3 major components: data collection modules, an IoT-based server, and software modules for transfer of data and analysis results.

In particular, sensors placed inside the model will collect figures regarding the water environment (salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen) and transmit those wirelessly to the server, using either solar energy or battery. Then, the server will collect real-time data and monitor statuses of on-site hardware.

To enable the real-time analysis of water conditions and give according recommendations regarding raising and cleaning practices, the research team had utilized machine learning technology. Analysis results will be sent to users via SMS.

After finishing the prototypes, we will start the on-field trial starting next May, then let the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ca Mau Province take over,” Dr. Viet Anh shared.

Ca Mau farmers harvesting giant river prawns. Photo: Phuc Hung.

This project was recently introduced by Aus4Innovation, a program for the sharing of public sector knowledge and experience between Australia and Vietnam to strengthen innovation systems, as an example of AI application for sustainable development. It had helped participants of the online AI Hackathon competition, “RESET 1010”, understand better about practical AI applications and form basis for idea development.

The “RESET 1010” competition will be hosted online from November 20 to November 22 by Angelhack. This event belongs to the AI4VN initiative for promoting AI in Vietnam, organized in cooperation with Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology, Aus4Innovation (one of six initiatives of the Australian Government’s Aus4Vietnam investment), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme in Vietnam), Hanoi Youth Federation, Vietnam AI System (VAIS), and VnExpress.


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