Before, measuring KPI in projects can take up to 1 per month on average, as this task require data garnering and processing from the PM as well as all members of the team. However, nowadays with akaPerman – A tool developed by IVS.Z1 (FPT Software), all problems regarding the aforementioned tasks will be easily solved.

akaPerman is an assess framework with attached tools, and its main mission is to solve KPI measuring problems in projects while satisfying the criteria of: Quick results, real-time, cost optimization, accuracy, and effort-saving in steps like notification and data measuring.

With akaPerman, KPI management in projects can be done much faster than before. The software can also easily answer questions about real-time KPI parameters, or even daily ones.

KPI management has never been easy!

The author, Mr. Vu Tran Hoang had recalled his previous projects, where he struggled to find the reasons behind the difficulties of an KPI management project, with a 70 people workforce and was still in growth. According to him, the amount of data involved in such a project is extremely vast, with interrelated functional units, making garnering and analysis of them very challenging. Therefore, to solve this KPI problem, he thought about a real-time assess model method, which should be more easy, simple, and time-saving.

From here, he, along with his colleagues, had built and developed akaPerman, in order to find a solution to KPI measuring and digitalization. In particular, akaPerman can digitalize specified data, make the data meaningful, and simplify KPI measuring steps, which helps save time for both those doing the measuring and those submitting data. The software can also answer questions regarding real-time KPI in each project.

To get such an achievement, the akaPerman team had researched to find a framework for KPI measuring. This framework is not only suitable for testing projects, but also applicable for developing ones.

Over 2 months of development and many next months for testing through various projects of the IVS unit had contributed to this first version of akaPerman,” said Mr. Vu Tran Hoang (IVS.Z1) .

akaPerman – The perfect solution to KPI measuring problems

The total effort saved with akaPerman amounts up to 17 Man Months. This is also the effort that the team would have needed, should they have tried measuring using common methods. Comparisons had also shown that akaPerman helps save up to 10% effort.

Graph shows each member’s KPI data measured in real-time, easily compiled thanks to akaPerman.

akaPerman can measure KPI of each member, then compare that between the team and the original plan. It is also design to measure KPI:

  • Of the whole team;
  • By day;
  • Of each member;
  • By different functions/modules per the PM;
  • By customized time periods.
Graph of members’ KPI by day, complied by akaPerman.

In measuring, each member of the team also wants to know specific KPI data for better self-awareness. This will help solve 2 problems:

  • Leaders can easily make accurate decisions in evaluations of team members.
  • There needs to be healthy competition among the team to encourage members to constantly improve professional abilities and improves individual parameters.

Reality had shown that projects that used akaPerman, with accurate evaluations using KPI parameters, clearly displays the progressive levels and improvements of team members.

akaPerman is suitable for all kinds of projects, especially large ones that require a lot if effort. Leaders will then find it easy to clarify requirements, as well as control KPI values in the projects. Moreover, team members can also confidently use akaPerman to meet their KPI targets in simple, effort-saving, and scientific manners.

According to Mr. Hoang, time to finishing the installation and approaching measuring using akaPerman can take from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the project scales. The software’s low license costs is also an important factor to consider.

In this new normalcy, KPI improvement and upgrading is a deciding element for businesses, and breakthroughs are needed as a push to success. Technological applications, thus, will help improve work efficiency, optimize operational procedures, as well as save costs and time – goals wanted by practically all businesses that aim towards digitalization.

Thao My

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