As the “next generation” of Akaminds Machine Translation (AMT), developed and researched by FPT Software’s tech experts, akaTrans CAT will act as a “butler” for work procedure management and standardization of over 5.000 translators worldwide, thus tremendously improve work efficiency in projects.

akaTrans CAT (CAT Tool) – A translation tool supported with machine translation, is a solution that belongs in FPT Software’s ecosystem of digital transformation platforms and solutions. The tool is integrated with automatic machine translation technology, and is able assist translators in editing and reviewing texts, as well as efficiently manage projects on web platforms. With a user-friendly interface, easy maneuvering, and no need for set up, the tool is suitable for various different use cases.

Before CAT tool and with Akaminds Machine Translation (AMT), translators only need to upload a file/sentence that needs to be translated, then the machine will automatically translate it and return with a file fully interpreted using Artificial Intelligence.

However, companies and organizations that specialize in translating and interpreting, especially those with worldwide customers, may find a need to manage their translation resources, like a translation storage to store previously translated sentences. Then, when they start a new project, the system may suggest translations using these stored data. Knowing this need, FPT Software’s translation unit that specializes in Japanese, had wanted to build their own translation tool to save time and resources – and this is the origin of CAT tool.

The product is integrated with machine translation for over 64 languages, with 3 major benefits: Save time and effort; Assist in easy management; and Offer all-time connection. To use the tool, when starting a new translation project, the PL (Project Lead) will create a project on:, add team members, and necessary translation resources. Then, the PL will upload files that need to be translated, and delegate roles to translators and editors. From starting a new project to managing work process of each member – all are done on one single system.

At the moment, aside from cloud technology, CAT Tool also integrate NLP – Natural Language Processing technology for machine translation. In the future, the tool will more language features, such as: Paragraph/Sentence extraction from PDF files and images using Computer vision. Search Engine technologies will also be developed to optimize sentence searching in translation texts.

akaTrans CAT includes the following management functions:

  • User Management: Manage Departments and Users in Organization.
  • Projects Management: Manage translation projects.
  • File Management: Manage translation materials and perform translation.
  • TM (Translation memories): Manage translation memories.
  • TB (Term Bases): Manage term bases
  • Coin Management
  • Productivity Services
  • Report Management

Mr. Van Dinh Phuc – The Project Lead had shared that, one of Vietnam’s leading firms in Language and BPO services is now a customer of akaTrans CAT. Particularly, the company wants a completed online translation project management system, which is easy for the simultaneous use of hundreds of linguists and project leads at a time. With akaTrans CAT, the firm had successfully managed its translation projects and standardized work procedures of over 5.000 freelancers around the work.

The tool is also being deployed at Hanoi University, and soon at Hanoi University of Science & Technology.

At the moment, akaTrans is being reviewed and improved to become a more comprehensive CAT tool for professional translation procedures. After this, the product will be official used at businesses, with new functions of extraction support, translation, and publishing materials as PDF files or Images.

akaTrans has been used by FPT Software to translate materials in projects with Japanese clients, and has shown a 50% increase in translation efficient. In only an hour, akaTrans had helped translators finish up to 150,000 words from Vietnamese to Japanese and vice versa, reaching a 90% accuracy, while still maintaining the input file format. This is equivalent to 200 translators working simultaneously in that same hour. At the moment, there are around 3.500 workers from over 100 companies using the tool to translate around 80.000 translation files – which is over 450.000 pages.

Thu Que – Hai An

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