Recently, the recovery solution for Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain, called AKC-Horcrux, had officially been launched. The solution was deployed by akaChain – A unit from FPT Software, a professional firm in developing blockchain-based solutions for businesses. 

AKC-Horcrux is designed to create backups, store data and statuses of a working Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain. With the tool, you can recover the blockchain network in case of serious errors. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Long – a representative of akaChain had shared: “These copies are like the “horcruxes” in “Harry Potter”, as long as there’s one left, life won’t end. Or in other words, no matter how serious the problem is, the blockchain can still be recovered in full.”

Particularly, when running the Fabric Blockchain, users expect a stable connection with high readiness, therefore Fabric Blockchain is often designed in equal peers. So when one peer stop working, the administrator can cancel that peer to create a new one, while data on the blockchain network will be automatically synced to the new peer from other peers. However, this procedure is a bit lengthy, even longer with larger data, even reaching a couple Terabytes.

AKC-Horcrux will help resolve most of this syncing procedure, as it will back up the peer statuses and their data. As such, peers will be recovered immediately as needed, instead of having to recreate data like in the syncing procedure. In other words, backup and restore is the best solution to protect your data: it will be useful for blockchain network administration, as well as data transfer and network backup for testing.

In using AKC-Horcrux, businesses will receive plenty benefits in data recovery. In particular, businesses will have their own data backup and recovery system, which can recover or migrate data in just a few hours. Furthermore, on a community basis, all tools are open-source, so programmers can take the source code, check out the Dapp syntax, Chaincode based on the available samples, then optimize and create their own applications.

At the moment, there are not many platforms that provide full blockchain development tools for businesses, while some requires license fees. akaChain’s tools, however, will allow programmers to easily explore and create their own applications in a short time. More information can be found here.

akaChain ( is a blockchain technology platform, developed by FPT Software, and aims to support businesses in building business network systems and distribution applications using blockchain. akaChain will help businesses deploy new business models effectively, quickly, in a time-saving manner and low initial investment. After 2 years of launching, akaChain is now used in various customers across Asia and South East Asia, including large businesses like Bao Viet, AIA, and Cathay…

Thu Uyen – FPT Software

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