AI chatbot has become effective tool that helps improve work efficiency in many Vietnamese businesses. Following the stream of technology, FPT.AI is always applying the newest techs, constantly update and releasing new features, and optimizing work efficiency in businesses.

1. Script-based programming using LUA Script

In interacting with customers, knowing the correct need of each customer and providing them with appropriate information will greatly assist call agents in selling and confirming orders.

To solve complex problems in the chatbot system like validating ID card numbers, perform sophisticated calculations using functions, and processing the DD/MM/YYYY format, bot builders need to seek the suitable APIs for integration in the system – which is a time-consuming and painstaking task. This new feature, meanwhile, will allow bot builders to program directly using chatbot scripts and solve incurred problems during conversations with customers, all in a flexible and immediate manner, instead of having bot just relying on pre-programmed features like before.

LUA is a programming language based on C with the aim to become simple, light, and easily integrable in programs written with other common languages. These give LUA various advantages, including: no reliance in hardware platforms, flexible structure, little redundancies, and easy to test or debug. This is due to LUA’s safe environment, ability to automatically manage storage, multiple string processing tools, as well as other dynamic capacities.

2. Topic categorization in Livesupport for customers

FPT.AI has introduced the new topic categorization feature upon finishing a consulting session, which allows call agents to easily manage customers and categorize their topics of interest. Managers can thus store main contents of conversations, and search for them when needed. For example, when a customer ask for a product’s price in email, call agents can tag the conversation as “price quotation” for the day-end statistics and searching of other “price quotation” tags during the day to send the prices if haven’t.

The more specific the categorization, the more basis businesses have to effectively evaluate and access customers. Businesses have thousands of interested customers and transactions per day, and personalized conversations are what help create emotions, special impressions, and nail the customers’ mentality, showing the businesses’ professional and sharp behavior while making a good impression with customers.

3. CRM cards

Before, bot often extracts user information from “variables” in the script, and only store these within 24 hours. After this period of time, all “variables” values, i.e. user information in conversations, will be deleted. Having understood the importance of data, FPT.AI had released the new CRM card feature for chatbot, which allows automatic storage of information provided by customers in chatbot conversations to businesses’ CRM systems. From this, businesses can manage interactive activities and perform effective customer care, thus maintain good relationships with their customers.

The CRM feature also allows FPT.AI chatbot to automatically extract customer information provided via conversations and store them in databases. Businesses can then utilize this invaluable resource in directing marketing campaigns to correct target customers, generating high profits. Other information like customer transaction history and previous product experiences can also be easily stored and managed.

4. Webview

Before, in conversations, chatbot often require users to provide information using disjointed commands. Then, they will gather these information and request validation or alteration in case of errors. While seemingly simple, this is still quite the inconvenience for users, as it brings: interrupted conversational experiences, automatic redirection (to third parties like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or other applications), and so on.

With the new Webview feature, users can input information in a quick and accurate manner using the web display right inside the conversation. From here, users can also easily review, alter, or add information before completing. In fact, they only need to click on the button with the webview link right inside the conversation, and maneuver on that very display. They can also turn on/off or scroll up/down to view text contents, without being redirect to other websites or apps. For example, user can order food and beverages via the chatbot integrated inside a restaurant’s Facebook Messenger, with the menu being displayed right in the chat, instead of having to check it on a different website.

FPT.AI chatbot is built using the FPT.AI platform and equipped with the advanced Machine Learning technology. Therefore, it is able to learn from previous conversations with customers and grow smarter through time. The more conversations the chatbot perform, the better understanding it has on user’s intents in future interactions. The bot’s easy integration in online chatting platforms like: Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber, Livechat on website… is also a notable advantage. With its ability to converse and answer to customer demands at all places and time, FPT.AI chatbot will bring immediate and uninterrupted experiences to customers, reduce time needed for purchasing, thus helping to increase customer conversion rate of businesses.

Thao Chi

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