Recently, FPT International College (BTEC) organized the final round of BTEC IoT Hackathon 2019 contest with the participation of 5 best teams. As the final result, the product of Android-backed Car applied into the autonomous bus system and garbage collection vehicles… have excellently persuaded the judges to receive the first prize with the score of 72.5.

BTEC IoT Hackathon 2019 is a contest organized by FPT International College (BTEC) to promote creativity and passion in the field of IoT, at the same time support the development and cultivation of talents and form excellent teams to attend the IoT Showcase Contest organized by FPT Education.

Participating as a jury of the contest, there was Mr. Bui Duy Linh – Training Director, FPT International College (BTEC), Mr. Tran Huu Thien – IT Lecturer, FPT Polytechnic, Mr. Do Xuan Truong – Technical Manager of Nashtech Vietnam Company in Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Thai Cuong – IT Lecturer of FPT International College (BTEC), Mr. Nguyen Xuan Suu – IT Lecturer of FPT International College (BTEC).

At the final round of the competition, teams have shown their creativity as well as skills to build their products through highly applicable and high-end IoT products such as: Automated agricultural systems, Smart Garden, Android-backed Car, Robot avoiding obstacles…

The No. 6 team with Smart Garden, which helps to reduce labor in agriculture.

Despite differences in ideas and applications, each product has a very impressive unique point, and all the products show the ability to create and practice IoT of the teams. Mr. Bui Duy Linh – Training Director, FPT International College (BTEC), one of the six judges of the contest, commented: “Some ideas are quite unique, especially th. self-propelled vehicles. This is a product close to reality, with high applicability. Besides, the idea of ​​smart garden also makes BGK impressed. It can solve the problem of labor, reduce the work for farmers when taking care of trees. I appreciate the teams in terms of ideas and ability to explore and develop products, although it is a bit regretful for some teams to not fully realize their ideas”.

The common strength of today’s teams is the spirit of self-interest, because the students who participated in the finals today have not learned deeply about IoT. However, because you are not experienced yet, in the process of deployment, the product is still defective or some products’ equipment are burned right before the showtime”- Mr. Bui Duy Linh added.

Android-backed Car of group of 5 boys Doan Van Hoa, Do Minh Ngoc, Tran Dac Dong, Vi Thanh Tung and Pham Thanh Trung.

As final result, Android-backed Car with application into the system of unmanned buses, garbage collection vehicles… of the team including 5 boys Doan Van Hoa, Do Minh Ngoc, Tran Dac Dong, Vi Thanh Tung and Pham Thanh Trung excellently persuaded the judges to receive the first prize of the contest with a score of 72.5. The smart garden of the team No. 6 (captain Dang Quang Tuan) won the second prize with the score of 60.5. And finally, the automated agricultural system of the team No. 1 led by Le Binh An received the Third Prize with the score of 58.25. In addition to the cash reward given by the organizing committee, all teams will receive support from the organizing committee to improve and develop the product.

The No. 4 team with the Android-bakced Car won the first prize of the competition.

Do Minh Ngoc, the contestant of the contest, said: “Our group’s Android-backed Car has been developed for a month. The product aims to serve real-life jobs such as route detection, development of unmanned bus systems, automatic garbage collection vehicles… Currently the product can automatically move along a preset road and can be controlled via an Android device’s Bluetooth system ”.

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