According to IAB’s 2015 report, 71% of the advertising ecosystem now recognizes knowledge of programmatic as one of the most important capabilities that agencies will need to possess by 2020.

Because the customer journey is dynamic, accessible and continuous, today’s customers increasingly expect a seamless, integrated, consistent and personalized experience with their service providers, which current multi-channel models—with their multiple silos of customer contact—are unable to provide. Instead, a fully integrated response to these new customer requirements will need to be both customer-driven and multi-channel in nature.

ANTS is the leading technology-driven integrated multi-channel marketing platform in Southeast Asia. ANTS’s solutions provide a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) platform by combining Demand Side Platform – Supply Side Platform, which includes Data Management Technology and Extraordinary Insight Engine.

Founded in 2014, ANTS’s mission is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media companies. ANTS’s platform has access to over 20 billion impressions and reaches over 100 million unique online visitors and 50 million mobile internet users per month in Vietnam and Indonesia. With ANTS Multi-channel Marketing Platform, high performance advertising with tomorrow’s technology is here today.


ANTS AdExchange/AdServer for Publishers

ANTS’s Supply-side Platform (SSP) solution set allows the client to manage and package premium audience and inventory to existing and new media buyers. Powered in real-time by ANTS Insights, publishers are able to streamline the creation, pricing, and packaging of high quality ad impressions and audiences.

Clients can maximize their revenue by working with the Southeast Asia’s largest independent programmatic marketplace. Managing disparate audience data sources is becoming a necessity to identify, package, and sell audiences on their properties. The integrated ANTS Insight platform dives into audience selling opportunities to help publishers analyze vast amounts of audience data. Publishers can thus segment their inventories more effectively and obtain rule-based control over audience definition and ad distribution to DSPs, SSPs, ad exchanges, and networks agencies or publishers. In particular, ANTS’s platform offers the following capabilities:

  • Maximize yield from all digital advertising through a single ad platform
  • Consolidate inventory management including display, mobile, email, and video
  • Sell valuable audience segments to advertisers at a premium
  • Painless ad operations
  • Meet advertisers‘ needs

ANTS OnePlatform for Advertisers

ANTS’s Demand-side Platform is a multi-channel programmatic ad-buying solution that helps the client forecast the best mix of search, display, social and email ads based on their budget. It also automates the execution of the client’s media plan and helps them find the best way to deliver relevant content to high-value audiences.

ANTS OnePlatform offers powerful optimization through Automation Programmable DSP, a transformational technology for building customized buying algorithms. The focus is on precise performance objectives – not expensive commodity programmatic infrastructure. ANTS OnePlatform also reveals unprecedented data insights in near real-time, combining agility with a completely open data return path. Thanks to its modular architecture, the platform possesses exceptional flexibility in building proprietary extensions, whether by leveraging ecosystem partner products and services or using built-in modular components. The result is a fully-customized solution for every buyer that can:

  • Buy in real-time
  • Manage, traffic, serve and review campaigns across channels
  • Reach approximately 100 million users in Vietnam & Indonesia
  • Cover 40% of comScore 100 Vietnam & Indonesia websites
  • Provide safe & secure access

ANTS Insight for Data Management Platform

To succeed in today’s digital environment, businesses must deliver smart, customer-centric interactions that feel like they were tailored for each user and his or her specific set of circumstances. These interactions must be more dynamic and more predictive than provided by current personalization techniques. Thus digital businesses need to evolve their thinking to focus on contextualization, which ANTS Insight – Data Management Platform defines as a tailored, adaptive and predictive digital customer experience. Contextualization takes existing personalization techniques a step further by automating decision-making and adding in-the-moment details, together with such features as:

  • Protecting audience data.
  • Collecting data from multiple sources.
  • Personalizing content experiences through precise audience segmentation and targeting.
  • Matching people with all of their devices to enable multi-channel, global messaging.
  • Increasing the value of the client’s advertising inventory through deep audience insights.

ANTS Insight accounts for relevant factors such as location-targeted content, adjacent content, right sized content and functionality, and adaptive designs.

ANTS Insight creates a holistic view of the customer by pulling together data from disparate systems to build a successful multi-channel digital experience that understands:

  • Which customer segments to personalize for.
  • Which key customer interactions need a personal touch (for example mobile interactions have many implicit details such as device and location that are touch points to harness the full power of content)
  • How much personalization is required, as over-personalizing experiences may introduce the “creepiness” factor or make too many assumptions about a customer’s behavior;
  • Which technology strategy and solution to use.

Dinh Le Dat – ANTS
(Published on the FPT Technology Magazine, FPT TechInsight No.1)

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