In midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Tech Coffee program, organized by FPT Software’s STU – Solution & Technology Unit, had gone online, attracting over 60 attenders via Microsoft Teams. The change had received favorable responses from the audience.

Tech Coffee is a series of tech events, hosted every 2 months by the Solution & Technology Unit, FPT Software, exclusive for FPTers.

On March 20, 2020, Tech Coffee’s first webinar had attracted over 60 online attenders via Microsoft Teams. The program followed the topic of “Reactive Programming in Java with Vert.x”, presented by Mr. Nguyen Duc Dai Bang – a Solution Architect at Solution & Technology Unit, FPT Software.

If before, Tech Coffee was only hosted offline at FPT Software Ho Chi Minh City, then via this online session, the event was able to expand and connect to various FPTers in FPT Software Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Can Tho. The change had helped reduce infection risk, as well as protect the overall health of the tech industry, especially with multiple complications regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.

More importantly, the Tech Coffee community’s spirit for sharing and learning had remained unwavered, with positive responses and feedback regarding this new online platform as well as content.

Most had praised the convenience of the webinar, seeing that it can be easily accessed from anywhere. According to Mr. Nguyen Vu Trinh Nhan from FPT Software Can Tho, this was his first time attending the webinar, and he was super excited for now, he could view and attain knowledge from afar. Mr. Pham Huu Chung from F-Ville 2 in particular had recognized interactions via webinar to stable via online questions, ensuring quick responses from speakers.

The show had discussed Reactive Programming – a programming method which focuses on changes in asynchronous data streams. Reactive Programming in Java is no longer new, yet there are plenty of areas to explore, for easier asynchronous programmer, simpler error mending, and more independent and transparent codes.

Aside from Reactive programming, program attenders also learn about Vert.x – a support library for Reactive programming, and event-focuses coding, at the same time understand basic concepts regarding asynchronous programming.

The next Tech Coffee webinar is planned to be held in early April 2020. Please follow Workplace Tech Coffee fanpage and contact [email protected] for newest updates and more details about the program.

First launched in March 2019, Tech Coffee was designed as a mini talk in 1 hour with the aim to create an open space for sharing tech information and connect the tech community at FPT Software HCM. This, alongside a cup of coffee, will a perfect place to discuss technology easily and freely.

Tech Coffee is hosted periodically every 2 months. Each session will include one keynote on a specific technical topic, demo, know-how, idea-raising, or problem-solving of a tech topic.

The event is hosted by STU – FPT Software Solution & Technology Unit.

Thanh Phuong

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