The automatic bill system researched and developed by Mr. Ha Duc Khanh has helped FPT reduce its workforce, save up to 3-4 billion VND in annual wage expense, as well as increase work efficiency. The result is numerous added values to the organization, along with optimization in management and cost saving.

Manual billing is high in risk and possibly lacking in accuracy, punctuality, and many more. Low efficiency is also a major disadvantage of this method, as employees will be easily overworked and as a result have no time to perform other tasks. On average, billing takes up 60% of the time allowed for a contract managing employee.

As such, problems with manual billing has driven Mr. Ha Duc Khanh, a professional staff at FPT Telecom’s Fee Management Center, to build an automatic billing system.

The system is built and maneuvered in steps, with the first and foremost one being to have a customer database for new customers, FPT Play customers, IPTV customers, re-care customers and so on. Each source of data should be built on a specific structure that fits different systems, and converged at the end with Data Warehouse Technology.

During this, data will be processed and standardize, removed of unnecessary information, and re-calculated to ensure accuracy. With the system, optimized data extraction speed is also possible.

The above process holds great importance, and characteristics like subject-oriented, integrated, non-volative, and time-varient are vital to smooth functions.

The second step in the system is automatic billing based on the prepared dataset. After issuing, the bill will be electronically converted with a digital signature, so that customers can gain access to them, and can easily check them on HiFPT’s Member tab.

The operating process of the automatic billing system

At the moment, the system had already been integrated on FPT Telecom’s Insight, and can automatic check all financial data related to invoices, terms of contract, and payment. Whenever a need for extraction arises, the system will self-update and review the terms of contract. And if all terms are met, billing will be done.  The system can currently identify 3 types of customers: old customers, new ones, and FPT Playbox’s.

Manual billing will normally take an FPT Telecom 5-7 minutes on average, whereas this system can bill thousands of time in the same span of time.

After 3 months of building and installation, the automatic billing systems has been nationally deployed since April 2019, with 65% bills now automatically issued. Total reduced personnel is up to 40-45 employees, with total reduction in annual wage expense amounting to 3 billion VND. Work efficiency is greatly improved, along with high accuracy and punctual revenue.

In talking about the system, Mr. Ha Duc Khanh had shared: “In the future, the development team hope to further integrate Big Data technology to aid in decision-making and predictions of growth in revenue for each customer classification.”

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