The trend of investing in AI and bot (as well as chatbot) is gaining momentum. Vietnam also has certain advantages when the young population, the staff in the information technology industry is quite good compared to the region, the proportion of internet users in the total population is high, the proportion of users The big smartphone … is a necessary condition for the development of artificial intelligence

However, in Vietnam there are not many companies operating in the field of AI, including some names such as FPT, Alt + (Japan), Saltlux (South Korea), Five9, Assila, Cinnamon AI Lab, Or some startups like Nexttech, GoiIt !,, and some other companies. Land in the field of AI is very potential. This is similar to chatbot.

So how can a startup of AI or chatbot, compete with the big companies in the world, who have poured a lot of resources into building the AI and bot ecosystem before? The answer may be in the “niche market”. Vietnamese technology startup instead of racing in solving AI problems big companies are doing can focus on a specific niche, such as image processing, processing documents … startup in field in Vietnam has certain advantages in in processing Vietnamese natural language. The complexity of the Vietnamese language will be a significant advantage for Chatbot Vietnamese developers in creating a niche in this huge bot market.

In Vietnam, businesses use chatbot to take care of their customers. Some businesses use chatbot to serve their specific tasks. Some of the typical companies include:

  • Hana Virtual Assistant is a Smart Chatbot capable of Answering – consulting -Providing online Sales, Hana is built on the foundation of Artificial Intelligence combined natural language processing (Vietnamese ) and serve the Vietnamese. It also provides a marketing solution based on client data doing online business on Facebook.
  • Multilingual Virtual Assistant – Lily Chatbot (Multilanguage Scheduling Assistant) helps the user to schedule meetings, developed by Cinnamon AI Lab. Unlike software in the market that usually only knows one or two languages, Lily Chatbot has faster processing speed with CNN technology – Convolutional Neural Network Create convolution). In finance, insurance has a number of companies:
  • Timo Chat Bot has recently launched a new technology, the Timo Chat Bot, which is a new innovation that replaces the basic job of a counselor who answers daily questions repeatedly. back of the user. “Facebook is one of the most effective customer care channels,” says Timo. “Everyday, Timo fanpage receives hundreds of questions in different time frames, even in the middle of the night. Slow response and omission of questions are unavoidable.
  • Nami Assistant runs on the Facebook Messenger platform, starting in December 2016, founded by Giap Van Dai. Just type @namipfm into the Facebook search box, visit the Nami Assistant fanpage and start sending the message as the conversation begins. With free features, users can check the gold price index, currency pair index, commodity indexes With premium features, there are Micro Editions for $ 5, a copy trade for $ 19 and a pro version for $ 39 with additional features like placing orders for direct purchase, checking orders
  • PruBot – Chatbot is developed by Prudential, helping to provide artificial intelligence consulting services to interact with customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.. On the popular Facebook Messenger platform, it can automatically respond to and handle previously programmed situations, and also self-learning in the process of interacting with customers, helping customers make appointments with The insurance specialists whenever they have needs, recorded comments from customers to transfer to the general data processing center …
  • “Hana Assistant” is a smart Chatbot with the ability to Answer – Consult- Online sales everytime, Hana is built on the basis of Artificial Intelligence combined natural language processing serve the Vietnamese. It also provides a marketing solution on the current user base for enterprise and individual on Facebook.
  • Multilingual Virtual Assistant – Lily Chatbot (Multilanguage Scheduling Assistant) developed by Cinnamon AI Lab. Unlike software in the market that usually only knows one or two languages, Lily Chatbot comes with multilingual capability, faster processing speed with CNN technology – Convolutional Neural Network Create convolution). Lily helps the user to schedule meetings. In the field of education there is Photobot of GoiIt! Recently, Hung Tran – Founder of GotIt! has shared about the PhotoBot features that helps AIs guide their users in solving some basic math problems and serves as a helper for specialists so that tutorials can be made. He is the Stanford University of Applied Sciences artificial intelligence (AI) and engineers from ICT Global, the global engineering education program for information technology at the University of Technology.
  • In the field of booking air tickets, bookin –First chatbot of Vietnam tourism industry . This chatbot will automatically advise immediately all inquiries of customers about booking air tickets.
  • In the healthcare sector, there is Vicare startup – connecting patients to doctors through chatbot. vn has also used chatbot to maintain professional communication and provide health advice for customers.

In term of making platform we could count

  • Hekate AI is one of the pioneers in chatbot technology and chatbot application in Vietnam and was founded by three young programming engineers who shared passion for technology and start-up business, they are Nguyen Van Minh Duc, Pham Quoc Huy and Duong Van Phuoc Thien. So far, Hekate AI has more than 1 million users and over 100,000 people interacting with Sumi and 10 other fictional characters everyday through Messenger. In addition to regular automatic chat, this chatbot also integrates other functions such as photo editing, newspaper reading, chating tips, games, vote, create avatar 8 bit, etc.

The deployment of a voice and conversational interface system requires many related technologies such as Voice Recognition Technology (Speech Recognition), Voice Integrating Technology (Text to Speech), Language Processing Technology (Syntax Analyzing), Artificial Intelligence (AI)… FPT has been investing into researching these fields. Currently, the community can use Vietnamese speech synthesis technology of FPT through gateway.

In upcoming time, FPT will introduce conversational technology platform, FPT.AI, so as to help programmers to easily develop Chabot’s applications (interact conversation with the users automatically) or voice interface with robots or smart devices. The technologies relating to the voice and conversational interface can be used easily through the form of APIs (application programming interfaces). FPT.AI system uses the latest Cloud technology, businesses and developers can exploit the technology in flexible form as the service model (Software as a Service) and on-demand payment (Pay as you go).

FPT.AI is now in Beta stage, the technologies of FPT.AI are being exploited to deploy chatbots systems for FPT Telecom and FPT Retails. FPT Telecom is one of the top Internet providers in Vietnam. FPT Telecom is maintaining a team of more than 300 people to support and take care of customers. Recently, Facebook Messenger has become an important interacting channel with customers, especially young ones. From the early of 2017, FPT Telecom will deploy the chatbots system to help customers automatically on Facebook Messenger via the FPT.AI system. It aims to improve efficiency, reduce customer response time down to nearly 0 and minimize costs. Being a top retail chain of digital products in Vietnam, FPT Shop is now using FPT.AI system to develop chatbots, focusing on sales and consultancy of products to users through Facebook channel.

Le Hoang

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