Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, CEO of FPT will share solutions to overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19 at the seminar on adapting to new realities within the framework of Business Forum 2020 – Through the disturbance area organized by Forbes Vietnam on October 15.

This is one of the three main discussion sessions of the 2020 Business Forum with the topic “Through the disturbance” brings together senior leaders of management agencies, leaders of leading enterprises, and famous scholars. , leading economic experts exchanged and discussed challenges and countermeasures in the context of the world economic instability caused by the COVID-19 “black swan” phenomenon.

The event included 3 sessions with topics “Adapting to new realities”, “Promoting the non-contact economy”, “Opportunities in the fourth wave”.

The General Director of FPT is the speaker at Business Forum 2020 organized by Forbes Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, CEO of FPT, will represent enterprises in the IT sector and leaders of leading enterprises in the fields such as textiles, seafood, timber, and banking to share practical experiences and solutions. overcoming the crisis period caused by Covid-19 at the first discussion session with the topic “Adapting to new reality”, in order to help the business community overcome difficulties, make breakthroughs and contribute to the economic recovery process. nation.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, held the position of CEO of FPT since March 2019. He has a deep understanding of business and technology operations with B2B and B2C customers. As one of FPT’s young and key leaders, he has held important positions such as FPT’s Deputy General Director, General Director of FPT Telecom, and General Director of FPT IS. He is also a member of Vietnam Internet Association, Vietnam Software and IT Services Association, Pacific Cable Television Association.

The Covid-19 epidemic is a new war happening on a global scale, with unprecedented precedent, with unclear end points and putting 35% of global businesses at risk of bankruptcy. However, identifying the risk, FPT immediately activated the “wartime” working mode and prepared different business scenarios for the specific epidemic progress, with a spirit of being ready to cope. and flexibly overcome all challenges. Each FPT person is a soldier, each unit is a fortress that operates strongly on three fronts: both fighting epidemics, ensuring business activities to protect jobs and seek opportunities. new business both at home and abroad.

In particular, on the anti-epidemic front, putting the safety of employees in the company first, with the strength of a technology company, FPT quickly applied the method of working from home and from afar. rate 25%, 50% and sometimes up to 100%; at the same time, to set the key targets of selling, promoting interaction and reaching customers through online channels; enhancing the search for new business opportunities, ensuring uninterrupted production. As a result, by the end of 8/2020, revenue and profit of the Company still grew by 7.6% and 11.7%, respectively.

FPT presented gifts of COVID-19 support to Cu Chi field hospital.

Recently, with its creativity, actively joining hands with the Covid-19 prevention community, FPT has been awarded the Stevie Award – the world’s leading award honoring the achievements of the enterprise honoring the Silver Award in the Enterprise category. most effective Covid-19 response (2020 Covid-19 Response Categories).

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