The 2020 FPT Tech Expert Ranking is officially launched with several changes, in order to recognize and honor the contributions of technology experts to FPT’s development.

2020 marks the eighth year of the FPT Tech Expert Ranking project. The project is an annual event aiming to engage technology experts in FPT’s activities. In addition, this project also honors recognition for the great contributions of technology experts to the corporation’s growth and develops a team of Technology experts, helping FPT reach out to the world. The main goal of the ranking is to offer benefits and proper working conditions to technology expert in FPT.

There are some notable changes in four elimination rounds in this year. Specifically:

In the 1st round, technology experts will summit their profiles to the personnel team. The submission deadline is September 28, 2020. Based on the profiles and ranking criteria, leaders will work with the personnel team to nominate/ rank up / maintain ranking of technology experts in their departments and units.

In the 2nd round, the experts will be ranked at the corporation level. After the application round and unit-level nomination, the Technology and Human Resources Department of the member company will review the list of nominees and their profiles. Then, the profiles of the selected staff will be transferred to the FPT Technology Council and FPT Human Resources Department.

Previously, in the 3rd round, profiles will be cross-checked before the nominees join the interview with the Technology Council. However, in this year, nominees will go through 2 rounds of interviews, the first interview lead by technology experts at level 4-5, and the second one lead by FPT Technology Council.

In the 4th round, a CEO panel, including CEO of FPT and member companies, will jointly finalize the list of nominees. Criteria for ranking FPT Tech Experts 2019 includes Education (diplomas, technology certificates); Foreign Language; Experience in technology; Experience with technological titles; Importance or influence level for the organization; Trophy/Achievement Technology achievements; Contribution to the community; Understanding of the IT industry; Capacity to work with customers and partners.

It is expected that the honoring ceremony will be held in early November, or when the COVID-19 pandemic put under control.

Beginning in 2013, FPT ranked its technology expert with an aim turning FPT into a world-class technology corporation as well as in building the technology career path for building technology staff. Human beings are the key factor, playing an increasingly important role in the context of technological development. At FPT, the role of human resources, especially the role of technology experts, has kept its leading position as FPT is aiming to become a global leader in intelligent services in the 4th industrial revolution.

STCo songs were performed in a warm, cozy atmosphere of the ceremony in 2018.

Five ranking titles include:

1. Product Manager: Has primary responsibility for the development and refinement of technology products.

2. Architect: Designer of overall architectures for information systems and products.

3. Specialist: Deep knowledge of a specific discipline, programming language, popular technological product, technological solution or technical basis to develop new products and technologies.

4. Business Consultant: Expert in certain domains. Searches for and discovers business opportunities from applications of products and technological solutions.

5. Technical Consultant: In direct contact with the customer. Acknowledges and understands customer problems in depth to put forward the most suitable proposal on the basis of existing technological solutions and products.

Let’s look back at the memorable moments in the 2019 FPT Tech Experts.

Thao Chi

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