On the recent April 6, FPT Telecom International (FTI), a member of FPT Telecom – one of the leading Internet and Cloud services provider in Vietnam, had announced the deployment of CLOUD DESKTOP, a remote working solution for businesses.

In midst of the COVID-19 outbreak hindering manufacturing and businesses, organizations and companies alike are seeking solutions for employees to work from home. However, remote working does not simply mean to bring laptops away from the office, as there are tasks with requirements regarding system access and internal application access, all in accordance with security policies of specific organizations. Answer to this, FTI had provided CLOUD DESKTOP, which shall help solve problems and risks arisen in business operations.

Mr. Pham Duy Phuc – President of FPT Telecom International (FTI), had shared: “CLOUD DESKTOP is a remote working solution with standout features of high security, appropriate cost, and yet ensures a smooth and easy experience, as if they are still at the office. CLOUD DESKTOP is therefore an optimized choice for businesses to deal with the current situation.”

Highlight features of CLOUD DESKTOP

  • Easy access: Cloud Desktop support multi-platform login with laptops, smartphones, tablets… at any time, from anywhere.
  • Quick deployment and flexible expansion: All time service provided, with flexible updates based on user demands.
  • Safety and data security: Centralized data storage on cloud platform, thus reducing risks of leaks. Integrate various security levels to ensure complete safety. Operation procedures are also in accordance with strict standards, certified by esteemed world-leading organizations (Tier 3 Up Time Institute, PCI DSS, ISO 50001:2011, ISO/IEC 27017: 2015).
  • Centralized management, cost-saving: The system offers centralized management, operation control, and real-time usage. Costs are paid as you go, service fees are calculated by usage hours, and cashflow is transferred from CAPEX to OPEX.

Upon using CLOUD DESKTOP, businesses shall receive plenty benefits from end users (office workers), and IT managers. In particular, end users will have the same experience as working at the office. When they log on to the system, they will be able to use all data, tools, and resources pre-approved by IT managers. At the same time, the IT managers are provided with control portals and full management over virtual resources, empowering them with computing power and storage for their employees. Meanwhile, the businesses will be able to track their operational cost in real-time, and utilize “pay as you go” payments in accordance with real usage.

CLOUD DESKTOP practical applications

Take the case of a company’s headquarter that stands the risk of quarantine, and nobody can go in/out in a long period of time, yet operations must resume with five thousand employees. Furthermore, applications of the companies do not allow external access via RDP or TeamViewer.

Now, remote workers can use VPN Client to Site to access a network with virtual computers at FPT Data Centers.

  • The IT managers will set up policies that allows users to access these virtual computers via remote desktop, HTML5 or VMware Horizon Client.
  • Users will use these virtual computers to access applications and data on the company’s server systems like file server, ERP…

As such, CLOUD DESKTOP is an efficient work-from-home solution with high security, and is maneuvered by experts from FPT Telecom. With the appropriate cost from 699,000 VND per month, this is sure to be an optimized choice for businesses to deal with any occurred situation.

For more details on the product and service, please visit website https://fpt.work/ or contact hotline: 1800 6906.

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