Internet of Things (IoT) is of great public interest as a novel technological tendency, however, it seems that not many have a deep insight into this. With an aim to providing an accurate and detailed picture of the new trend, a group of FPTers have run a course in IoT and methods to make IoT products.
Internet of Things is also known as the fourth industrial revolution that has been radically changing our world. Imagine when our home, as well as those familiar household appliances, can talk, and exchange information with each other. This will definitely soon come into reality if you can make an approach and directly help to push this fantastic idea forward.
With a short-term course called “The Internet of Things for Dummies” offered by MakerHanoi laboratory, you will have an opportunity to know more about basic electronics, Arduino programming language, and ways to connect daily appliances like fans, lights, washing machines, ovens with the Internet; which follows the spirit and direction of the new technological revolution.
The course is divided into 4 sessions, according to the method of Project Based Learning. With the various open questions and enthusiastic support from experienced MakerHanoi members, who come from large companies like FPT and Viettel, it is fairly certain that the products will not fall short of your expectations. The 4-session fee is 500.000VND, and on attending the course, you will be presented with an IoT Kit. Besides, you can develop your own project at MakerHanoi and are supplied with equipment like 3D printer, laser engraving machine, kits of Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Arduino, C.H.I.P…
Each student will have to launch an IoT project with realistic value to graduate and achieve a certificate of MakerHanoi.
Teacher: Ha Trung Hieu – Technology official – FPT Technology Innovation
Requirement for students: To know one programming language.
1.    Assist young students to get acquainted with skills to make IoT products: basic electronics, basic embedded programming.
2.    Know how to use available platforms on cloud and mobile to produce applications.
3.    Build a complete product using 3D printer and esp8266.
Acquired skills:
1.    Understand MQTT, IFTTT, how an IoT product operate.
2.    Deal with Arduino language.
3.    Teamwork (run a project in team)
4.    Apply knowledge to produce practical products
Learning program:
MakerHanoi fund for students:
·         Give away a 200.000VND KIT IoT Stater
·         Support to 3D print project products when attending classes.
·         Mentor for project consulting.
Mentor for project:
  • Le Ngoc Tuan – IoT Product Manager – FPT Corporation: Consult about products, technology, infrastructures when making projects.
  • Doan The Vinh – Senior R&D Viettel: Algorithms, solutions in products.
  • Nguyen Manh Hung – CEO AliTech: Consult about business model development.
  • Pham Van Tuong: Consult about circuit design for IoT products.
  • Bui Dai – Senior Cadence Design Systems/PhD UC Berkeley: Consult about chip design technology, Docker, connect Vietnamese specialists in Silicon.
  • Vuong Hoai Thu –  FPT Telecom: Consult about network system, product security.
Le Ngoc Tuan – Robot team  
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