At the event Insight FPT.AI on April 18th, 2019, which will be hosted for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City (at Dreamplex Hall, 1st Floor, 195 Dien Bien Phu Street, Binh Thanh District), the Chief Technology Officer of FPT, who is also the AI Product Director – Mr. Le Hong Viet will share about AI applications that help businesses to optimize operations, as well as elevate their competitiveness.

Mr. Le Hong Viet is currently the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Technology Board of FPT. Having joined FPT since 2005, Mr. Viet has played a crucial role, participated in technical strategic planning for the development of the corporation’s business activities.

Mr. Viet was awarded the gold medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics 1999 and graduated from Sydney University with a degree in Software Technology in 2004. With a strong technical foundation, and 10 years of experience working internationally, Mr. Viet is one of those who had laid foundation to the application and development of new technologies, as well as had helped FPT to conquer the international markets, including: America, Japan, France, Singapore… in various technological fields such as AI, Cloud Computing, Big Date, IoT, Mobility…

Mr. Le Hong Viet – the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Technology Board of FPT

Right after his induction as the CTO of FPT Group at the end of 2015, Mr. Viet had made Digital Transformation a strategic investment with the aim to make FPT a global digital technology corporation; develop an innovative and stable FPT technological ecosystem. In 2017, Mr. Viet established FPT AI center, paving the way to the birth of the most comprehensive AI platform in Vietnam – FPT.AI with the products: FPT.AI Vision, Speech, Conversation, and Knowledge; later becoming the core in digital transformation for FPT’s customers and partners.

At present, FPT has spread the use of artificial intelligence and performed digital transformation in all fields. With the assistance of Mr. Viet, FPT has opened and shared various resources to the community, assisted in researches, innovations, inventions, papers…, thus becoming an attractive working environment for technology scientists and specialists. His work has also supported new forms of business like ANTS – a company in online advertising, CyRadar – a new generation of security service…

With his wide knowledge and years of experience, Mr. Le Hong Viet is sure to share useful knowledges on AI applications in optimizing operating and business activities at Insight FPT.AI.

In addition to his speech, another highlight of the event is the demo section for various products which apply artificial intelligence, right on the main stage.

Insight FPT.AI 2019 will also welcome the appearance of Mr. Dang Hoang Vu – Chief Scientist FTI, who is a Doctor in Mathematics at Cambridge University. He is a specialist in the fields of voice and image identification, predictive analysis for digital commerce and digital multimedia, fraud detection in healthcare, social data-mining, Kaizen Teian system…

Insight FPT.AI is the first official event on FPT.AI to be hosted at Ho Chi Minh City

Insight FPT.AI is the first official event on FPT.AI to be hosted at Ho Chi Minh City. There, specialists will share about AI development trends, around the world as well as in Vietnam. They will also introduce the applications of the comprehensive AI platform – FPT.AI, which helps Vietnamese businesses to optimize their activities, as well as bring about breakthrough cost efficiency.

For those who are interested in the event, register HERE.

FPT.AI is the leading artificial intelligence platform in Vietnam, researched and developed by FPT Corporation in 2012 and deployed in many domestic and foreign business units. FPT.AI provides a platform where programmers and businesses can develop various solutions for business problems. Popular applications of FPT.AI such as virtual assistant, chatbot, customer care switchboard, image identification,… are the key to business automation and operating optimization – providing care for customers and enhancing business efficiency. On 18/04/2019, the Insight FPT.AI Event will be hosted at Ho Chi Minh City with the aim to share about the FPT.AI platform from the academic and business perspective.

Insight FPT.AI: Vietnam’s No. 1 AI platform and application in enterprises

Time: 14h – 17h30 on April 18, 2019
Location: Dreamplex, 195 dien bien phu, Bình Thạnh district ,Ho Chi Minh City
E-mail:  [email protected]
Hotline: 0902249928 (Ms. Hương)

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