After more than a year joining FPT as the Chief Technology Officer of FPT IS, Mr. Phan Thanh Son has made great strides in developing new technology projects at the unit, especially projects in the smart city. In 2018, he was one of three technology officers to be honored in the category of technology experts level 5 of the corporation. Internal reporter FPT had an open discussion with Mr. Son on the evaluation and ranking of technology experts.

Reporter: Congratulations to be honored at the highest level for corporate technology experts. From a technology perspective, how do you rate a corporation such as FPT in ranking and honoring technology experts?

Mr. Son: The fact that a technology corporation like FPT rank and honor its employees show their honors and respect for technological talents in its achievements and long-term development strategy. This contributes to the motivation for more recognized talent to create more for the company, the community, the country and for noble purposes. Technicians often make quiet and indirect contributions, so in many companies and corporations, even in the field of technology, this recognition has not been made explicitly and properly. So many talented individuals do not feel properly honored. This affects the development opportunities of these individuals and thus affects the business as well as partners and customers.

Reporter: Besides FPT, what technology groups and companies in Vietnam and in the world rank and honor technology experts? What are the similarities and differences between these corporations and FPT?

Mr. Son: Apart from FPT, I do not know yet which technology companies in Vietnam are ranking and honoring technology experts. With personal experience working in multinational companies for more than 20 years, I have seen similar technology programs in companies such as Cisco, where I’ve been working for the last 15 years. These programs are similar in many ways:

  • Applicable to a wide variety of technology-related jobs such as technical consultants, system architects, professional architects, business consultants, service providers, etc.
  • Requires skills and dedication inside and outside the enterprise;
  • Staff level corresponds to the level of technology experts which affect the privileges, income;
  • Organized seriously by the evaluation committee with the active participation of the staff, the media and the support of the leaders.

Also, at Cisco I find there are some that have some other points like:

  • Have the combination to have the opportunity to train and nurse the future of young talents.
  • Having the title of leader/chief technology is someone who has just made a technological contribution but has the ability to lead the technological force to produce great results for teams, groups, communities.
  • The highest level is the “Distinguished Engineer”, which is traditionally held annually by just under ten people among 70,000 Cisco employees. Often these people contribute at the industry level and are internationally recognized.
  • At other high-tech corporations, there is Fellow/Senior Fellow such as Le Duy Loan, former Senior Fellow of Texas Instrument, who is the author of 24 patents, which is one of the most prestigious corporations in the industry.

Reporter: Has personally experienced senior positions at some large technology corporations. Have you ever been ranked and honored as you are in FPT? This time, being honored at the highest level of the corporation, how do you feel?

Mr. Son: During my working at MNCs, I was honored to be honored ranked as System Engineer level III and then System Engineer Manager level III after a period of leadership. This time-honored in a leading technology corporation of Vietnam with the feeling of happiness, pride as always, I feel more challenging and responsible to be together with FPT, fulfilling the mission set by Minister Nguyen Manh Hung on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of FPT’s foundation: “What will FPT do for the next 10 years for the prosperity of the nation?”

Mr. Truong Gia Binh – FPT Chairman handed the diploma and badge to Mr. Phan Thanh Son in FPT Tech Experts Honors Ceremony 2018 held on November 23, 2018.

Reporter: From the perspective of a technology person, what do you think about the regime, the working environment in FPT? What do you like the most?

Mr. Son: First and foremost, the technologist at FPT has the opportunity to work in a company with a history of 30 years in the field of technology with a lot of products, solutions, people, and partners. Here, technologists are paid attention to, appreciated and have appropriate privileges, especially the training, research, and innovation programs – what technologists usually value most. The environment, democratic culture, and openness from the highest levels of leadership to the middle-level leadership are important factors for the staff to innovate their involvement in affairs of the company, community, industry, country and the globe.

The most interesting thing for me in FPT is the opportunity to work, learn from the superiors, technologist co-worker are very competent. Secondly, from the mission of FPT, I was involved in the great things of the industry, of the nation, of society, which people who have spent more than half a life like me are looking forward to participate but not easy to find an environment such as FPT to accompany and contribute and thereby, feel that we are “living BIG”, living meaningful.

Reporter: What other policies do you think FPT should take to attract and retain technologists?

Mr. Son: I think, in addition to honors, we should pack into a uniform policy package between member units on the benefits of technology experts after honoring about what they will receive, such as training, or they will be the first to meet the experts of the firm, experts in the industry…

Thank you!
Bich Hai

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