New Industry 4.0 technologies not only improve customer experience but also transform existing operations and manufacturing processes.

According to the management consulting firm Accenture, companies that implement digital transformation earn 26% more profit than others and grow 1.5% faster than average. The digital business model has a comprehensive transformation in customer experience, operations, production and business activities.

Digital transformation changes the entire business model

Digital technologies are predicted to automate the traditional process and promote human-machine collaboration. The barriers between departments and inter-functional departments, as a result, will be faded, and the entire business will become a unity that is ready to adapt to constant change.

By leveraging the power of data, digital businesses possess seamless platforms and modular models. Indicators and reports are analyzed, updated and ready for use in the management department. The model enables businesses to increase productivity, speed, responsiveness and customer experience. Especially, in the current crisis, the flexibility and adaptability of digital businesses is a stepping stone for the new normal.

Several leading domestic and foreign businesses have transformed into digital business models. Image: The Digital Enterprise.

For a successful transformation, it is recommended that startups should strengthen their cores by applying suitable digital operations, saving costs and increasing reinvestment. Then, they transform into the new business models to promote competitiveness and resilience. Technology unleashes the potential of the workforce and improves productivity and cohesiveness. Finally, a set of market assessment and in-depth analysis tools will assist businesses in decision-making.

Some of the leading digital businesses are AirBnB, Walmart and Grab. In Vietnam, such businesses as Massan, Thien Long, or Minh Phu Seafood have also recognized the significance of digital transformation in profitability and customer experience, implemented digital transformation strategies and transformed into digital models.

FPT – A partner of digital businesses

According to CIO ASEAN, one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in the road to digital transformation is the lack of roadmap and experience. Take Home Credit as an example. With more than 11 million customers in Vietnam, on average, Home Credit handles thousands of incoming and outgoing calls, inquiries, questions and payment reminders each day.

Another example is F&B Group. The Vietnamese business has to handle manual and time-consuming processes with a huge amount of documents in several large factories across Vietnam. Their goals, like many other companies, are to digitize the model to help make a breakthrough in productivity and workforce optimization.

Against this backdrop, FPT Corporation have researched and developed the digital transformation strategy called FPT Digital Kaizen, aiming to help businesses determine their strategies and digital maturity, and develop a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap.

The representative of FPT said that FPT will accompany businesses in the product development journey, ranging from roadmap implementation to evaluation and improvements. “FPT’s comprehensive ecosystem of technological products and solutions is ready for use in models for hire, helping businesses accelerate digital transformation,” shared FPT representative.

With the support of FPT, Home Credit rolls out its first virtual agent in Vietnam named FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call center. After 6 months of operation, the solution allows businesses to handle tens of thousands of automatic conversations a day, equivalent to more than 90% of customer inquiries.

When it comes to F&B Group, the process digitalization and automatic work assignment solution for businesses FPT SPro has helped the business to automate 50-90% of tasks, reduce 70% of time spent on internal work procedures and management costs, and increase 50% in productivity. Currently, the solution is also used in FPT Corporation with nearly 36,000 officers and employees.

Source: VnExpress

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