On June 6 and June 14, Vietnam Mobile Day annual event will come back at 2 big cities Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi with over 100 hottest topics currently related to six key technologies. On June 6, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Vu Anh Tu – Deputy General Director of FPT Telecom and Mr. Dinh Le Dat – Founder and CEO of ANTS will talk in the seminar “Digital Transformation”.

Vietnam Mobile Day 2019 is known as one of the largest annual technology events held in Vietnam, with the gathering of leading experts in many fields. The event will focus on the topic of mobile applications, updating new and in-depth knowledge from prestigious speakers at home and abroad. Vietnam Mobile Day is organized for software developers, marketers and entrepreneurs. In addition to the main events, Vietnam Mobile Day also has an exhibition area with technology demonstrations from businesses and startups.

Six main contents at Vietnam Mobile 2019 include: Digital Transformation & Mobilization; Women in technology; 5G & Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and the future of mobile technology; Financial technology / Mobile payment / E-commerce & Trade on mobile; Digital Marketing & Mobile Marketing; Mobile content (AR / VR / Livestream) and online games.

Mr. Vu Anh Tu – Deputy General Director of FPT Telecom and Mr. Dinh Le Dat – founder and CEO of ANTS.

On June 6, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Vu Anh Tu – Deputy General Director of FPT Telecom and Mr. Dinh Le Dat – Founder and CEO of ANTS will share in the talk session “Digital Transformation”. The seminar was also attended by Mr. Gaurang Kotak – Director, Mr. Nielsen – Head of Consumer Insight and Mr. Le Hai Binh – Chairman of Mat Bao.

In this seminar on Digital Transformation, the speakers will discuss the trend of Digital Transformation in the world and in Vietnam in 2019 and the future. In addition, the speakers also shared real stories, challenges, difficulties and lessons learned when implementing digital transformation at their enterprises.

Digital transformation is taking place all over the world, is an important way to help businesses and organizations achieve new successes in the 4th industrial revolution. According to IDC forecasts, by 2022 The digital transformation market will reach US $ 2,000 billion and have a growth rate 4 times higher than the average growth rate of the IT services market. In 2018, the expenditure on digital transformation alone reached USD 1,300 billion, an increase of 16.8%, while the IT services market reached USD 1,000 billion and grew only 4%.

With unlimited potential and opportunities, FPT determined that digital transformation will help the company to make a breakthrough in both its position, capacity and growth scale, and enhance the competitive value globally. Accordingly, digital transformation for customers, bringing new technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT … into all areas such as smart transportation, smart health, digital government, digital banking … are the strategic problems focused by FPT, with the goal of 10 years to bring FPT to the TOP 50 companies providing global digital transformation services.

In order to seize this opportunity, FPT has prepared the foundation for turning the argument. According to Mr. Le Hong Viet, FPT Technology Director: “The foundation for digital transformation at FPT includes effective research and development programs, focusing on different aspects of digital enterprises. These programs aim to develop a platform for transformation through technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics, IoT and cloud computing.

Besides, FPT is also cooperating with partners and customers to set up digital transformation research labs. FPT is constantly looking for new initiatives and business models in the startup community, while helping these start-ups develop through the promotion program launched by the Vietnam Startup Promotion Fund (VIISA) co-founded by FPT Ventures. The launch of ANTS and CyRadar is a bold step for this approach. In addition, building technological ecosystems and resource development are important keywords in the foundation for digital transformation”.

At the event Vietnam Mobile Day 2018, FPT had a representative, Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan – Head of IoT FPT Corporation brought the topic “IoT and AI: Thinking Linking Things – Age of VUI”; Mr. Nguyen Thuong Tuong Minh – Product Manager of FPT.AI has shared about how to build AI platform for businesses, how businesses can apply AI to create their own competitive position. .

What is digital transformation and the benefits of it


Digital transformation in organizations and businesses is the process of changing from traditional to digital enterprises, by applying new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing … changing operating methods, leadership, work processes, corporate culture and especially business models.

Digital transformation brings many benefits such as cutting operating costs, reaching more customers in a longer time, making decisions faster and more accurate thanks to a timely reporting system. Thereby, the operational efficiency and competitiveness of organizations and businesses are enhanced.

Le Hoang

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