Besides the numerous effort to increase the customer experience for end users, FPT is also working hard to digitalize our operational processes to create a responsive environment with faster and broader communication and knowledge sharing, with a highest level of transparency in operation, promptly data driven decision making, and ultimately to make the whole organization be more productive and shorten the time to accomplish customer requests. FPT is aiming to be a Real-time Enterprise for a distributed and mobile workforce.

Among this trend of transformation, there are several significant examples such as the Trilogy of Mobility operational applications from FPT Telecom, INSIGHT from VnExpress, Digital platform from FPT Trading,…

The Trilogy of Mobility

In FPT Telecom (FTEL), there are three large workforces: sales, technical support and fee collection and they share one characteristics that all are mobile and working out of the office which lead to the challenge for communication, for complying with business processes, ad for performance management. In order to address these challenges, FTEL has based on the INSIDE system and built up three unique enterprise mobility systems for the three workforces.

MobiSale is a mobile application that effectively leverages performance of sale force with high personalization and flexibility. It helps to digitalize 90% of all business processes, eliminating 80% of paperwork processes, enabling sale persons to continuously work everywhere, helping supervisors to have real-time information on sale teams’ performance and especially reducing 50% of consumption of time and costs with 25% increase in sale revenue.

MobiNet is a mobile application used for technical workforce from FPT and partners to manage technical work and customer technical support. The system addresses the challenges in tracking customer supports, effectively deliver supports for wide-stretch of customer all over the country with integrated information with core operation support systems. By using location base tracking and digitalize of customer support processes, MobiNet has managed to help reducing the total duration of customer support and deployment from 2 days to 3-4 hours, reduce the time and cost consumption by 35% and enable the manageability of assigning and performance tracking for 100% of technical workforce.

MobiPay is designed to manage all fee collection activities by a highly secured app with an integrated with partner’s payment systems. The App aims to eliminate unnecessary manual processes and paperwork, manage large amount of cash flow and increase performance of fee collection agents. The result is very encouraging when cash flow is now strictly managed, collection process simplified which yields 35% reduction in operation costs and especially reduce 20% of overdue debts.

VnExpress Data Insights

VnExpress established in 2001 and up to now it is having 50 million users with 1.5 billon page views a month. The newspaper owns a vast amount of user behaviour logs and the challenge for VnExpress technical team is to use this data to stimulate a sustainable growth for the newspaper. From that critical demand, Insights is built to provide an overall information on audience activities on VnExpress, the analysis is also put in on top of aggregated real-time and historical data to evaluate the value, quality and performance of the contents, the presentation of the articles and the experience of audiences.

Editors and journalist, on daily basis, are using Insights to evaluate their articles to select the hot trend that should be put in priority for publication. They also analyse the source of references (e.g. direct, search, social reference) and the browsing platform (e.g. mobile, desktop…) to define the optimised route to deliver the contents. For example, contents that are suitable for viral will be prioritized for social media while, contents that are preferred by mobile readers will be put on higher priority on mobile apps and mobile webs.

The Insights is implemented base on Lambda Architecture for Big Data processing with customized analytics and machine learning algorithms base on the domain expertise accumulated in 15 years of VnExpress Operation which makes distinct differentiation between VnExpress operation and the rest.

FPT Trading Digital Platform

The distribution business is always competitive, hence, managing your operation efficiently is the key to success. Understand the necessity of having efficient operation, FPT Trading has been investing in building a digital platform to comprehensively and transparently manage the supply chain and operation of its business. After integrating all the businesses and partners, FPT Trading expands the integration for its network of agents facilitating the automatic ordering and reconciliation.Go beyond optimization of current business, the FPT Trading Digital Platform started to support new business models that are experiencing recently. First extension is to support e-commerce businesses using FPT Trading as a platform for logistics, helping each party to focus on their own strengths. FPT Trading provides inventories and policies via APIs for e-commerce vendors while handling all the warehousing and logistics. Payments, reconciliation and notification are automatically handled by the platform.

Another business model is being experienced on this platform is supporting personal retail, while everyone can become a shopping advisor via Vimua portal, they can advise users to select appropriate products and fulfil the purchase using FPT Trading Digital Platform.

Digital Transformation – Solution for the future

The three examples of digital transformation in operational processes have demonstrated how digital masters could outperform competitors with increase in operational effectiveness and make the current operation be more flexible and extensible for innovations not just only in the operation field but also in extending to new business models.

Nguyen Van Tinh – FPT Online
Ngo Trong Nhan – FPT Telecom
Ngo Manh Ha – FPT Trading

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