Students at FPT University developed an electronic wallet to help users pay their bills without needing cash for graduation thesis.

A group of students, including Nguyen Chinh Nghia, Nguyen Ngoc Phuong, Nguyen Phuc Thinh, Vuong Hai Son, Le Quoc Khoa and Pham Cong Minh, implemented an electronic wallet project called FE Cashless Campuses (FCC).

FCC aims to serve students, their parents and small shops within FPT University. The system includes a mobile app on for shoppers (students and parents) and a page for sellers.

FCC app allows users to pay their bills, view payment history, receive transaction notifications, verify transactions, manage employees, etc. Users can pay by scanning the QR code through their app, avoiding the risk of cash payments such as counterfeit money or lost wallet. Besides, FCC app allows parents to track children’s spending at school. Shops can easily manage payment operations. As a third party, FCC is a trustworthy payment option for both users and stores.

FCC is currently piloted on Android platform. The team said that they are working on the app, to put it on other platforms, such as iOS.

FCC team at the thesis defense session.

FCC ensures a secure and reliable transaction against attacks and failures. It also check first time login to identify a user device via email, and offer email security protocols, which are SMTP and SSL.

“FFC is developed for FPT University solely. In the future, we want to continue research and deployment to be widely used in every unit in FPT Education, and other universities and education systems”, shared the team’s representative.

Screenshot of FCC.

According to FPT University’s representative, digital transformation is coming at a rapid pace, opening up opportunities for several countries and businesses to boost labor productivity, innovation and capability. E-wallet contributes to the rapid digital transformation. In high schools and universities, electronic payment still has some shortcomings, such as cumbersome, time consuming registration procedures, students at young age and security problems. The team is working on FCC to solve these problems.

Source: VnExpress

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