Considering the fact that developing its own ERP system will be very time-consuming and resource-intensive also, technology is currently growing fast, requiring more and more diverse and advanced features – FPT has selected the optimal ERP solution which has successfully been applied in the world. This solution has then been customized to fit characteristics of each industry and region – thereby can FPT deploy in its own corporation as well as both domestic and foreign enterprises.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a comprehensive enterprise management solution. ERP solutions help to manage the entire business processes of the enterprise including planning, control, materials, products, distribution, accounting, HR,… ERP is not merely a software that supports management, but also standardizes business processes by IT.

Due to the rapid growth of national economy and the global economic integration as well as the competition with foreign firms, Vietnamese enterprises are required to build and use professional ERP solution with the latest features and technologies in the world to optimize and systematize the management activities – this helps enterprise(s) to grow strongly and create a great advantage in business.

The first step toward awareness

In 2000, FPT officially aimed at successfully deploying enterprise ERP software. The ERP software system selected by FPT was initially Solomon solution. At first, ERP was deployed in the business unit then in the FPT-Elead computer production and assembly system and in the management units such as HR and salary management, shareholder management, quality management system, project production management, warranty management, (purchase) order management and trading & import-export. Finally, FPT has built up a reporting system with more than 400 sample reports, applying in management and decision support, deploying for both corporations and affiliates.

After almost 20 years of implementation, ERP software solutions have helped FPT improve significantly the process of financial control, debts, orders, accounting data,… In fact, the application of ERP solutions also has a significant impact on FPT’s operating system and units, building the habit of using data in order to operate and make decisions at all management levels in the enterprise.

FPT and the development of the ERP market

The successes in deploying ERP within the corporation have created confidence and motivation for FPT to go ahead further. With more than 20 years of deploying experience on the world’s leading enterprise resources planning such as Oracle, SAP with specialized packs for many industries such as oil and gas, retail, life science, mill product, public sector…, FPT IS has successfully implemented ERP for hundreds of customers in many fields and industries in different countries. Typical ERP projects implemented by FPT include:

  • The implementation of the Treasury and Budget Management System (TABMIS) for the Ministry of Finance;
  • The implementation of SAP ERP system for Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex);
  • The implementation of the Financial Management Information System for the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Cambodia;
  • The implementation of the issuance and vault management system toward centralization for State Bank of Vietnam;
  • The implementation of SAP ERP for Vingroup CorporationThe implementation of Oracle ERP system for the entire Vietnam Electricity including 9 corporations, 300 members;
  • FPT has deployed ERP for most large enterprises in the banking and finance sector in Vietnam such as VietinBank, BIDV, DIV, SBV, MB, MSB, SCB, Bao Minh…
  • And hundreds of other ERP projects for businesses of different industries such as Vinasoy, Vinamilk, Thien Hoa Co., Ltd, Minh Phu Seafood, Ca Mau Fertilizer, An Cuong Wood, Big C, Vietsovpetro, Trung Nguyen, Binh Dinh Pharmacy, Cement Thang Long, REE, SMC, An Hung Tuong Steel, Vietnamese Steel…

In foreign markets, big customers have chosen FPT IS as their general contractor to implement projects such as Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh, Gas Transmission Company Limited (Bangladesh), Electricité du Laos, United Paints Group (Myanmar)…

That a number of national key energy companies and leading enterprises in Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar have selected FPT IS as their implementing partner — has demonstrated their level of competence in ERP area. This also demonstrates that FPT has been moving in the right direction in the globalization strategy of FPT IS. At present, FPT IS has the most ERP implementation resources and deploys the most ERP projects in Vietnam. FPT IS is also the only strategic partner of SAP in Vietnam and Indochina, as well as SAP’s global partner in Asia Pacific and Japan markets.

Together with the trend of the Industry 4.0, FPT continuously integrates and applies state-of-the-art technologies to deploy ERP to customers, helping managers to run their businesses faster, smarter and more efficiently.

About the author:

Le Viet Dung

Solution Consultant, FES Hanoi

Mr. Le Viet Dung is in charge of solutions consulting in ERP Service Sector, FPT IS. He has 12 years of experience in consulting enterprise management solutions for big clients such as Petrolimex, State Bank of Vietnam, Vingroup corporation… He became the FPT Tech Expert in 2013.

(Published on the FPT Technology Magazine, FPT TechInsight No.2)

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