COVID-19.akaChain is a non-profit service developed by software engineers at akaChain, which will assist in evaluation of COVID-19 infection possibility from F0 to F5 per categorized by the Ministry of Health. The service aims to provide reference information and prevent communal infection of the pandemic.

According to this classification, F0 are confirmed cases of COVID-19, F1 are suspected cases or had interaced F0, F2 interacted with F1, F3 interacted with F2, F4 interacted with F3, and F5 interacted with F4.

This application utilizes an AI algorithm called agent-based modeling. In particular, it will make estimations based on detailed itineraries of users. Then, the tool will calculate possibility of contact, as well as distance between users in the community. Combined this with statistics observed from the worldwide COVID-19 statue, the application will able to predict possibility of infection for individuals.

In the recent years, agent-based modelling has gained popularity in researching of complex systems. This stems from the ability of agents that allows multiple level of interaction to detailed and complex environmental representations.

The application will also send notices via messages and display direct notifications for users to learn more about the current pandemic situation.

The results are displayed after analysis of input data.

To use the application, users only need to provide their phone numbers for verification and spam prevention. Then, they can log in regularly to get updates on relations and check possibilities of infection.

At the moment, COVID-19.akaChain is being completed using data and feedbacks from users.

This is a public project that was built to provide a tool that will assist the government in disease prevention. After testing, the product will finally come to realization, and shall accompany prevention units to predict and identify those who need to be quarantined for supervision and treatment, as well as to prevent possible communal infection.

akaChain is a digital Blockchain platform developed by FPT Software using blockchain and smart contract technology, which aims to benefit businesses and business owners in the most efficient manner. The technology will help businesses build business networks and distribution applications with blockchain, for efficient deployment of new business models, saving initial cost, time, and investment. This is also a crucial technological platform in FPT’s digital transformation ecosystem. At the moment, akaChain is being deployed and applied at many countries in various industries, including finance, insurance, retail, and supply chain.

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