The future city built by the technologies: Smart Transportation, Smart Hospitals, e-Government was displayed at the event of FPT TechDay 2018 on September 12th.

With its pioneering position, FPT has been investing heavily in research and development of core technologies, building platforms from which partners, customers, and communities will jointly build solutions and products. To demonstrate this, at the Future exhibition booth, the Smart Hospital with a comprehensive package of solutions for eHospital 2.0 was on display. There, FPT Information System (FPT IS) simulated the digitalization of medical examination and treatment at the hospital from registration, electronic information search, drug information, drug preparation to inpatient management, hospital beds, medical information display, medical record management, and online payment.

Attendees were introduced to the experience at the Smart Hospital booth.

Applied the latest 4.0 technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, IoT; these solutions help hospital managers manage all activities with real-time online data, integrate digital signatures and electronic medical records; aim at building a paperless hospital; optimize the process of medical examination and treatment in the direction of fast – neat – accurate to reduce time or workload of administrative procedures; raise the capacity and efficiency of the hospital; manage finance strictly to prevent losses, increase revenues and reduce expenditures.

FPT IS provided visitors with the opportunity to experience the interactive booth of smart transportation. Users could interact directly with 06 modules of the system: Integrated Traffic Information System, Traffic Management and Operation System, Intelligent Traffic Light Control System, e-ticket System for trains, as well as the introduction of video analytics and platform technology.

The interactive booth of Smart Transportation attracted the attention of the attendees.

Smart transportation is an application providing traffic information for residents which were introduced at the FIS exhibition booth. All data will be updated continuously, through traffic cameras from authorities and traffic police. This application updates the traffic situation at roads including traffic density, traffic accidents. In addition, users can also update the information of the routes they are going to pass by the reflective function. Upon receipt, the server will confirm the accuracy of the information through various resources within two minutes.

To reform administrative procedures and public services, the process of building and operating electronic Government, electronic Authority and transport systems should be closely linked to the application of information technology in the state agencies. E-government has focal points such as public service, digital capability, work and openness, data analysis. FPT brought the package of FPT.Fortuna data processing and standardization solutions and of FPT.eGOV electronic government solutions.

The exhibition booth of E-Government Solutions.

This model has been currently implemented in all areas of Quang Ninh Province. In addition, in Ho Chi Minh City, it also has been applied in District 7. Residents can easily look up information on land through this application.

Phuong Thao

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