What is akaChain Devtool?

akaChain Devtool is a tool from akaChain ecosystem, which helps programmers work and develop smart contracts,chaincodes, akaChain’s blockchain-based applications, as well as Hyperledger Fabric.

With this tool, programmers will be able to build a network on their own computers. Here, a network can be defined based on demand (number of nodes, network name, fabric version…), providing programmers with dapp templates, sample chaincodes, block explorer…

Image 1. Programmers defining their own networks

Devtool diagram

Devtool consists of following components:

– Blockchain network: Blockchain network is based on Hyperledger Fabric. It can be customized when created using admin tool (create network). Each blockchain network contains the following components:

  • Peers (currently we support two peers)
  • CA: Certificate Authority
  • Orderer: Currently We support Solo orderer type. Raft and Kafka will be supported soon

– Dapp template: Decentralized application template to work with blockchain (It is integrated with devtool backend)

– Admin tool: To manage blockchain network (define network/delete network), Install/update/init/query chaincode.

– Blockchain explorer: To explorer everything on blockchain

– Postgres/Mysql: are databases that running on container serving devtool backend and explorer

Currently We support running Akachain development tool on Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS), Windows and MacOS. We strongly recommend using Ubuntu OS for development as It is well-tested and automation

Benefits of akaChain Devtool for programmers

Many programmers prefer to code blockchain on akaChain/Hyperledger Fabric platforms. However, creating a working environment can be quite complex, as programmers need to have in-depth knowledge regarding network, docker, linux command line, and so on. Meanwhile, akaChain devtool provides entire working environment via automatic scripts and displays, and programmers can thus focus on their work without pay attention to any other element.

The devtool is fully open source. Hence, programmers can take away the source code, look into how to write Dapps and chaincodes based on give samples. From there, they can optimize and create their own applications.

Devtool also provides programmers with block explorer, where they can visualize their blockchains, search for blocks/transactions… all extremely valuable during the developmental period.

Image 2. Blockchain explorer

Comparison to other platforms

There are little platform on blockchain for businesses/enterprises with full development tooks like akaChain, while some platforms require payments for a license. With akaChain’s many tools, programmers can easily experiment and create their own applications in a short time.

References: https://github.com/Akachain/devtool

About akaChain

akaChain (akachain.io) is a Blockchain platform developed by FPT Software, which aims at supporting businesses in quick building of business networks and distribution apps using Blockchain. With this, companies will be able to deploy new business models in an efficient, quick, inexpensive, and time-saving manner. It is also an import technological platform to the core ecosystem and digital transformation solution of FPT Software.

FPT Software

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