With FPT.AI Conversation, businesses can easily establish and manage their chatbots to improve work efficiency and save operational costs.

After the first online consulting session on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution last week, FPT is receive quite the amount of questions regarding functions, operations, and costs of the FPT.AI Virtual Agent for call center solution, as well as the intelligent conversation platform FPT.AI Conversation.

In order to direct address and support businesses in their initial AI application stages, FPT shall continue to hold weekly online consulting sessions on every Wednesday, were businesses can ask questions and receive answer from FPT tech experts.

FPT.AI Conversation is a chatbot building platform which utilizes machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. With the platform, businesses can easily build and manage chatbots, customize, integrate, or develop based on their own use cases. The chatbot can also learn to be smarter by itself after each conversation, and improve its knowledge of customer behavior and preferences to give appropriate advices.

The Chatbot can also create different conversational scenarios on its own, gather and evaluate information gathered from customers, and thus help businesses to have a comprehensive overview regarding customers’ needs. It can also be easily integrated on livechat or SNS platforms, which helps save time and human resources required for simple and repetitive tasks.

During the consulting session of June 17, a representative from Hung Thinh Commercial Manufacturer Ltd. Co. had asked: “Can companies with no programming experience create and manage chatbot, and how to do that effectively?”

Answering this, the expert from FPT.AI had affirmed that FPT’s engineers will closely instruct businesses to build a completed chatbot, based on demands. “The steps are simple and easy even to those who know nothing about programming. FPT.AI’s website also details the procedure, and provide sample chatbots for testing. After 1-3 weeks, you will be able to complete your own chatbot,” said Ms. Nguyen Dieu Huong, a consulting executive on FPT.AI technology solutions.

Another representative questioned: Should the chatbot answer off-track, then how to control it? And I have heard that after establishing FPT.AI Conversation, the chatbot will need a period of training to understand customers and grow smarter after each conversation, for better accuracy in consulting.

To answer to this, FPT.AI’s representative had demo-ed an online interaction with the chatbot on FPT Shop’s fanpage. She also deliberately made it difficult by using acronym like: “R there any promos” to see if the chatbot understand the question. Instantly, the chatbot answered with available promotional programs and discounts for the product.

FPT expert tried live chatting with FPT Shop’s chatbot. Photo: VnExpress.

Another from Nhat Quang Company inquired about how the chatbot utilize and process customer information. In response, the FPT.AI expert had shared that, there are multiple customer information features on the FPT.AI Conversation system. In particular, there is an online support feature, which allows the admins and the customer care division to configure the workings of the chatbot. FPT.AI chatbot can also converse in 3 languages, including Vietnamese, English, and Japanese. With its NLP system, the chatbot can understand customers, and consult them accurately.

Some businesses also show their interest in the FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center. As a business in F&B, Huong Mai company is aiming to use the solution, but had not understand what makes it different from conventional call centers.

According to the FPT.AI expert, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center had been applied at several businesses in ride booking and food delivery, and since then had recorded remarkable efficiency, reducing quite the workload for call center staff and those in customer care. It had also helped businesses saved considerable costs for operations and HR management.

The FPT.AI expert also performed a live call with the Virtual Agent, integrated on a financial consulting company’s system. In the conversation, the Virtual Agent had easily recognized and recorded information provided by the caller, like whether they were busy, interested in buying real estates, or wanted to borrow money… According the expert, storing information on the system had enabled the chatbot to give appropriate consultants in future calls.

The outbound call history interface of the chatbot. Photo: VnExpress.

At the moment, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center can converse in 6 accents for the 3 Northern, Middle, and Southern regions of Vietnam, providing businesses with a wide range of voices, so that they can choose the most suitable for their locations and fields of businesses.  FPT.AI also shared that the firm will continue to develop diverse machine voices, as well as improve the language recognition capability, for better and more effective customer care.

Minh Chi – My An

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