With more than 20 years of experience working in Information Technology (IT), as CTO and CEO of Cisco Vietnam. Since April 17, 2017, Phan Thanh Son will take on his new role as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of FPT IS.

Phan Thanh Son – A familiar name

Phan Thanh Son is not probably a strange name in Vietnam technology community. Born in 1970, the new CTO of FPT IS is known as former Country Manager and CTO of Cisco Vietnam with the significant contribution in developing new technology of this company. Also, he is a key member of many IT associations, clubs. In addition, the new CTO is a popular speaker at many important IT conferences inside and outside the country, contributing to building the Vietnam technology community.

With the achievements he gained in more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology industry, Board of Directors of FPT IS hope that Mr. Phan Thanh Son can bring FPT IS’s technology further development. Mr. Pham Minh Tuan, CEO of FPT IS, expects that the new CTO will promote the research and application of new technologies, new solutions, bring technology inspiration to every daily production process of the company, help improve the quality of projects, serve customers better. “Every year, the new CTO needs to come up with two new technologies, new solutions which earn 1 million dollars for revenue of FPT IS”, Mr. Tuan said.

Building “Innovative Engine” at FPT IS

Becoming the new CTO of FPT IS, Mr. Son, along with the Board of Directors and all the staff in the company, hopes to retrieve and consolidate FPT IS’s leading position in the field of application technology in the market. His primary aspiration is to build an “innovation engine” at FPT IS, willing to welcome all ideas from anybody and successfully develop potential technologies which are worth millions of dollar and meet customer needs.

Building “Innovative Engine” at FPT IS is a wish of the new CTO.

Appreciating ambition as well as technology potential of the company and having the same purpose with the direction of Board of Directors, the new CTO will focus on organizing, arranging solutions and technologies of FPT IS into levels/modules of overall ICT architecture to be able to receive, transfer and advise customers more effectively. He said that in addition to quickly become familiar with the new position, in a long time, CTO will have a lot of work to do:

  • Direct and manage the consultancy activities of infrastructure solutions according to the general technology direction of the company; build and develop a company-wide technological force; orient, do research and develop new solutions for infrastructure, platform software to develop new packaging software, software for lease, tailoring software …
  • Orient, direct and supervise research and development activities and projects to develop new solutions for the company.
  • Collaborate with partners to organize regular training, inspire new technologies, new solutions for strategic customers, and participants in the company’s business processes.
  • Build, design infrastructure, apply for internal management of the company and support CBDO, CDO, COO, CFO in applying new technology, new solution into sale, manufacturing and administrating activities.

With the massive workload at the new position, the new CTO of FPT IS “In front of my eyes, there are several storms, dawn, peaks, abysses of the fourth technology revolution, and there are staff of FIS who live and work enthusiastically with their passion by my side… Now I can step more excitedly, more confidently than before”.

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