On the upcoming August 8, FPT will present its solutions and products in digital transformation at the Vietnam ICT Summit 2019, hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam in partnership with VINASA.

Nationwide digital transformation is not a job of one body, but rather that of the whole society. In order to raise support and call for action at all companies, organizations and departments throughout Vietnam for the new Digital Transformation Project, the Ministry of Information and Communications, along with VINASA had hosted Vietnam ICT Summit 2019 on the topic of “Digital transformation for a prosperous Vietnam”.

The summit is to be held in Hanoi with the attendance of around 800 leaders from local and central ministries, commissions, departments, and organizations in and out of Vietnam, and will cover the following topics: Developing artificial intelligence in Vietnam, Digital transformation in governmental bodies, as well as Digital transformation for businesses.

At this event, FPT Group will bring foundation technologies for digital transformation on a national scale, all in the aim for Vietnam to grow more prosperous and modern. The Group hopes that its contribution will help Vietnam utilize IT platforms in connecting, manufacturing, management, and doing business over various fields, and finally achieving the set target during the 4th industrial revolution.

FPT solutions and products presented at the event includes:

  • AkaBot (RPA Platform): Comprehensive RPA platform for businesses;
  • AkaChain: Blockchain platform that assist businesses in building their business network using the blockchain technology;
  • Cloud Services;
  • FPT.AI for finance: Comprehensive AI platform that provides solutions to optimizing business procedures, specifically in finance and banking;
  • FPT.eInvoice: Electronic bills service;
  • FPT.Fortuna: Electronic government solution;
  • FPT.eGOV 4.0: Digital government solution;
  • FPT.eHOS 2.0: Smart healthcare solution;
  • U-services BA Online: Digitalization of paper works;

Through the summit, FPT hopes that its solutions will somewhat meet the demands to digital transformations of organizations and government, increase business efficiency, as well as support the nationwide digital transformation campaign.

In highlighting Vietnam ICT Summit 2019 as a “Conference of Action”, the digital transformation association, including leading technology and economic enterprises like Viettel, FPT, VNPT, CMC, MISA, VNG, MobiFone, Lien Viet Post Bank, HiPT… will be introduced.

Box: The nationwide digital transformation project is assigned to the Authority of Information Technology Application by the Ministry of Information and Communications. In compliance to the Government, the project shall be presented by November 2019 in order to be the base for comprehensive digital transformation in Vietnam. Success of the project will help develop Vietnam’s economy as well as society, especially in this new age.

First held in 2011, Vietnam ICT Summit is the national as well as international conference for technological policies, helping in setting the orientation of IT development in Vietnam, all for the industrialization and modernization of the country, as well as the completion of the nationwide digital transformation campaign.

Phuong Thao

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