The application was deployed by experts from FPT Software’s akaChain to assist businesses in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) to reduce safety evaluation time during the COVID-19 pandemic down to around 5 minutes.

As the largest economic center of the nation, Ho Chi Minh City now has up to 400,000 operating businesses in areas with high risks of COVID-19 infection, which is around 52% the total number of businesses across the nation. In order to track and evaluate current COVID-19 prevention solutions, the city has now issued a 7-element set of standards for businesses of various fields, including: Transportation, Education, Commerce, Traveling and Hospitability. In particular, businesses will report and evaluate their safety level during COVID-19 based on these standards.

Before, businesses used to have to go all the way to their respective authorities to manually report and evaluate on paper. Then, these data will be gathered to evaluated using the city’s set of standards.

Such a lengthy and cumbersome process however, has led to decisions not made in time and delayed actions, while the pandemic requires immediate responses. Thus, Ho Chi Minh City has to face the challenge of shortening the required time for analysis and evaluation, enabling quick evaluation results on safety levels, in order assist COVID-19 prevention in businesses.

Acknowledging the above challenge, the akaChain project team had collaborated with Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Information and Communications to build a new application for both website and mobile, which can digitalize all reports from businesses, as well as integrate different elements in different business fields. With the app, businesses can proactively fill in their information and evaluation, all on a single platform.

Screenshot: Businesses are reporting and evaluating their safety levels during COVID-19 on a single platform.

Based on the provided information, the app can automatically extract, analyze, and generate evaluation models in real-time for indoor safety levels and COVID-19 prevention.

Then, using the data and recommendations from the app, authorities, businesses, and organizations can make proactive response to ensure manufacturing safety and adapt to the new context. This help saves considerable time, effort, and resources for both the businesses and the authorities in preventing the COVID-19 outbreak.

After a month of operation, the app, which is deployed by akaChain experts (from FPT’s member company – FPT Software), has helped Ho Chi Minh businesses reduce time for reporting and getting results from days to just 5 minutes. At the same time, the app also assists the city’s authorities to quickly evaluate and rank businesses to supervise and issue proper actions for COVID-19 prevention.

According to a representative from HCMC’s Department of Information and Communication, the safety application from FPT has been helping businesses and organizations to recover post-COVID, while still providing them with in-time information, alarms, and evaluations regarding infection risks.

Mr. Trang Hoang Giang – Head of akaChain (FPT Software)

Mr. Tran Hoang Giang – Head of akaChain, also shared that, in the near future, his company will continue to support the city in advanced technological applications, like blockchain and AI, in the digitalization of managerial and administrator tasks.

“In the ‘new normalcy’, blockchain technology can be a crucial key for businesses and organizations in building networks with partners, customers, and communities on online platforms. Soon, with blockchain, people will be able to have medical check-ups via the phone, or get quick approvals for installment applications on-app,” Mr. Giang said.

Source: ZingNews

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