FPT.eInvoice has brought excellent digital invoice issuance, management, and reporting solutions for businesses, particularly on the onCloud platform or on the IT infrastructure onPrem.

Three multi-national firms that belongs to the World’s Top 5 Pharmacy, specifically Novatis, Pfizer, and GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), have chosen the eInvoice software FPT.eInvoice for their business operations in Vietnam since 2020.

These projects had been regarded with special attention, not only because of the three companies’ international nature and strict demands in security, but also due to their area of profession, which requires integration of new e-Invoice systems with their pre-existing SAP management software.

In talking of the project, Ms. Do Thi Thuy Ngan – Head of Product consultant, had said: “Having overcome all its competitors, FPT IS had won the contract to deploy FPT.eInvoice for these pharmaceutical giants – an importance piece to further penetration of the software in the medicine and pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam.”

This is the fruit of FIS FPS’s (a unit from FPT IS) long-sow efforts and collaboration with local IT teams in other countries like Britain, the US, and Singapore – those with different time zones and languages.

With practical deployment experience through many IT projects in Taxation during the past 25 years, the product – FPT.eInvoice – had been built to support businesses, with all functions of the standardized e-Invoice per regulations issued by tax authorities, ensuring smooth operations, quick and valid reports, and modernized bookkeeping tasks, thus saving costs for businesses.

Via FPT.eInvoice, companies can create invoices using the software, approve invoices with secured e-Signatures, and issue invoices to business customers with high accuracy and little errors. The system’s many functions and invoice formats can also be easily configured to suit different business models and tasks, depending on the domains of specific companies.

In particular, invoices can be issued quickly in batches with a diverse range of e-Signature methods by FPT CA onCloud, then sent digitally to customers via email, portal, in mere seconds and low costs. E-Invoices issued will also be easy to track using with portal-based tracking codes, and stored for free in 10 years on FPT IS’s onCloud, ensuring validity and lowering the risk of loss.

FPT.eInvoice will also simplify invoice management, statistics, and searching, making tax accounting, accounting, data collation, and revision much more convenient for tax authorities.

The FPT.eInvoice system is user-friendly with its intuitive and easy interface, which supports both online and offline storage. There will also be invoice presets for businesses to choose, and the option for customized formats. Depending on usage, trends, and changes in tax policies, the software will also be constantly updated and upgraded with new versions. Such connectivity and openness is always ready to connect with tax authorities’ portals.

Deploying e-Invoices will help businesses save plenty of cost and time in comparison with old invoice systems. With simplified and effective invoice management procedures, businesses can re-allocate their free resources for research, development, and quality improvement for better customer services.

e-Invoices will also increase safety, as it creates various copies of invoices, reducing risks of loss and damage, as well as allowing re-issuance. At the same time, it contributes to the elimination of fraudulent invoices to protect the image and brand of businesses.

The use of Made by FPT IS products in multi-national companies has somewhat proven the trust in quality and application of FPT IS’s products, ability, and experience in management software integration. Moreover, it shows the tech capability of FPT and FPT IS on the international market.

Thao Chi

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