Under heavy influences of the COVID-19 outbreak on all business operations around the world, technology stands out more than ever with stark importance.

In order to hold the General Meeting of Shareholders on time, with correct procedures, while ensuring safety in midst of a pandemic, tech experts from FPT Corporation had focused their efforts and knowledge to successfully build an online solution for the General Meeting of Shareholders, recently hosted on April 8, 2020.

AI in organization tasks

In accordance with the procedures, shareholders will receive their invitations to the meeting at least 15 days before, and can choose their attendance method (online or offline).

For those who chose the online option, they will need to log on to the information portal of the Meeting and upload their personal documents. Then, the FPT.AI.eKYC identification system will verify their information, face, email, and automatically extract these data to identify and return results in only 2 seconds.

The identification process done by FPT.AI eKYC includes:

  1. Extracting information from photos:
    Application of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology based on Deep Learning, which allows 98% accuracy in extracting information from photos of personal documents, even those that are old and low quality.
  1. Face identification:
    Analyze and compare similarities between two face photos with 95,4% accuracy. Average time of processing is around 0,8 to 1,2 second per photo.
    After verifying their identities, shareholders will receive information including a log in link, account name, and password via their verified email. With FPT.AI.eKYC, users will save time and tasks, while being ensured with high security and superior accuracy.

Modern and strong telecommunication infrastructure

Beside technical powers, the successful organization of the online General Meeting of Shareholders, is also in part reliant on connection speed, network infrastructure, and media quality. These elements had been satisfied thanks to joint efforts from FPT IT Department, Network Operation Center, FPT Television, FPT Software, FPT Finance Department, and FPT Offices.

For the best media quality, FPT had gather and process sound and image through the FPT Pay TV system before connecting them to Cisco Webex Event. With this online system, the organizers can proactively control the meeting with hundreds of shareholders in and out the country, allowing them to inquire on the system, or even make online calls to discuss with management.

Despite having had plenty of experience in holding large online events internationally for thousands of people, the organizer still prepare for multiple scenarios and appropriate urgent responses, doing their best to host the meeting successfully and make it a pleasant experience for all participants.

Chairman Truong Gia Binh had shared: “The COVID-19 outbreak had created a push for the 4.0 industrial revolution. This is a new battle and a new challenge. We can seek chances in setbacks, however, and FPT is ready to overcome these hurdles… Applications of technological achievements in hosting the General Meeting in midst of the pandemic had been a prime representation for our efforts to deal with difficulties and ensure smooth operations for FPT. Furthermore, FPT will continue to improve inner force and connect all members of the corporation, to prepare for breakthroughs at the end of the pandemic.”

Benefits of shareholders are prioritized

In reaching the consensus of hosting the General Meeting of Shareholders online, FPT Corporation still follows the company’s policies and lawful regulations. The FPT policies state, under agreement of the Chairman, shareholders can join and vote at the meeting using online options, or delegate their votes via the meeting or in other online methods.

To ensure security of the shareholders, yet maintain voting transparency at the Meeting, FPT management board had decided on a remote voting option, alongside direct voting. In order to do this, the shareholder will need to send in both their digital and physical voting cards with all required information.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of every employees and executives of the Corporation, the 2020 FPT General Meeting of Shareholders was held successfully, in full obligation with the social distancing regulations during the COVID-19 outbreak. The event had been a prime example to Vietnam’s technological fortress, developed by various engineers and tech experts.

Many e-magazines had expressed that: The success of such an event will be a precedent to other businesses in their own General Meetings. During FPT’s meeting, 68% of shareholders had connected to join via Cisco Webex, reaching 340 online interactions. After the event, 98% expressed their satisfaction with the new organization form of the meeting. As such, FPT Corporation is standing their grounds as the trend-setter for various innovations. This success will be a stable stepping stone for FPT to continue developing and achieving more in the future.

Thao My

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