In second half of 2016 FPT Japan signed a contract with one of the biggest telecom and Internet conglomerates in Japan to upgrade their web infrastructure with Cloud and Artificial Intelligent (AI) technologies. The project is to build a smart platform for business growth to serve the customer’s 30-year business plan. With this and other Digital projects, FPT is witnessing a transformation in Japan.

Golden chance in Japan

In December 2012 the Sasago Tunnel in Tokyo collapsed, creating shockwaves in the Japanese and international communities. Japan started to question if their infrastructure was already outdated. Also in 2012 Mizuho, the third biggest banking group in Japan, selected Fujitsu, Hitachi and two other companies to develop a new computer system for a part of their banking operations. This billion-dollar project questioned if the banking IT infrastructure in Japan needed to be modernized. In November 2015 Toyota announced a $1 Billion investment on autonomous car, AI, and other technologies to improve car safety.

Japan’s electricity market is also under reform with a 2015-2020 roadmap. Japan is transforming and this transformation and investment wave for 2015-2020 is a golden chance for growth in Japan. According to Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, investment in ICT (IoT, big data, AI etc.) is expected to accelerate Japan’s economic growth and raise real GDP in 2020.

FPT Japan is a part of this transformation. We are participating in different digitalization projects in Japan across industries such as environment, manufacturing, logistic, automotive and finance.

FPT’s position in Japan

After more than ten years of investing and developing in Japan, FPT is now the biggest FDI-outsourcing company in Japan. FPT has become a reliable source in the traditional IT outsourcing market in Japan.

Facing this golden chance of transformation and investment in Japanese ICT, beside the growth of traditional IT outsourcing, FPT can leverage Digital technologies to upgrade its value proposition in the market. Digital transformation is giving FPT a level playground in the market. With the young and talented Vietnamese workforce, FPT has a great chance over take competitors in Digital consultancy, co-research, and solution services to the huge customer base that has been developed for more than 10 years.

Today FPT is delivering different Digital projects in Japan, where the customer is approached from the early stages of Digital adoption and accompanied along their Digital journey. In the field of automotive technology FPT is assisting one of the biggest truck manufacturing companies to build an Internet of Vehicle system. In the field of manufacturing and environment, we leverage data science and AI to lower the customer’s cost of operations, to minimize dependence on human labor, and to reduce manufacturing defects. In the finance industry we are joining FinTech co-research projects, seeking to apply the latest financial technologies to the customer’s business.

These Digital transformation projects allows FPT to upgrade its value proposition in Japan market. FPT staff in Japan are learning new technologies such as AWS, Predix, or data science. They have achieved the highest success rate in technology certification. FPT’s Jump to 2020 is happening in Japan.

Bui Vinh Thang – FPT Software

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