Over 80 FPT Tech Experts were honored at the corporation’s recent heartwarming ceremony, broadcasted from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The FPT Tech Expert ceremony was recently hosted on December 18, at F-Ville 2 in Hanoi and the F-Town 3 Campus in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as broadcasted online from both arenas. The event aimed towards honoring Tech Experts with notable achievements and contributions to the corporation, especially in 2020 where their roles were phenomenal.

The event opens with a performance of “Coder” by musician Truong Quy Hai, remixed to suit the ceremony’s warm atmosphere.

Tech Experts are both FPT’s heart and mind

The ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City had welcomed CEO of FPT – Nguyen Van Khoa, CDTO of FPT Software – Nguyen Duy Cuong, and CTO of FPT Online Nguyen Loc Vu. In Hanoi, the event had welcomed CTO of FPT – Vu Anh Tu, CEO of FPT Telecom – Hoang Viet Anh, CEO of FPT Smart Cloud – Le Hong Viet, CTO of FPT Retail – Tran Thanh Ha, CTO of FPT Telecom – Tran Thanh Hai, Director of FPT Technology Research Institute – Tran The Trung, CTO of FPT IS – Dai Gia Hanh, along with other department leaders. Despite the distance, everyone could experience a united joy and warm emotions.

Starting the event, CEO of FPT – Nguyen Van Khoa, had affirmed: “You are both the heart and mind of FPT. It was thanks to you that we had gained strengthen, had gone global, and had conquered large customers both in and out of Vietnam.”

Smiles and tight handshakes were spotted as leaders express their appreciation.

CTO of FPT, Vu Anh Tu, speaking at the FPT Tech Experts ceremony.

According to CTO of FPT Vu Anh Tu, never before had so much attention been on the responsibilities of tech experts, making this quite the interesting challenge for them. “The corporation aims to attain products that go against competition around the world, making you proud of being a part of FPT, no matter where you are,” he said.

Tech Experts being honored at the HCMC event.

A total of 61 Level 3 Tech Experts, 19 Level 4 Tech Experts, and 1 Level 5 Tech Experts was honored this year. As a Level 3 expert honored for the first time, Nguyen Thanh Tung – Vice-head of the System Engineering Department, FPT Telecom, had said: “To be next to my seniors, awarded with a title, and recognized was such a wonderful experience to me. Being listed as a FPT Tech Expert was as much a pride as a challenge and a reminder of my responsibilities to contribute more to my company and the corporation in general.” He also believed that FPT leaders really know how to connect the firm’s experts with each other and with the corporation.

Benefits of course play a part, but it is the challenging working environment, the goals, and the opportunities here that are important,” he shared.

The ‘never seen before’ honoring for the Level 5 Tech Expert

This year’s highlight lies in the way the Level 5 Tech Expert – CTO of FPT IS Nguyen Xuan Viet – was unveiled. A special painting was brought to the spotlight, and was in all black before Nguyen Van Khoa, FPT CEO, threw glitters on the canvas, revealing the portrait of Viet, who had been working at FPT for over 2 decades.

The special present for Nguyen Xuan Viet – the Level 5 Tech Expert.

The painting was a surprise to the CTO of FPT IS.

Covid made us unable to gather yet opened an opportunity for us to communicate and experience technology despite the distance. Even miles away, I can feel everyone’s emotions and wishes,” he said emotionally.

Standing next to his long-time friend and colleague – FPT CTO Vu Anh Tu, Viet recalled his feelings and memories with FPT, from his “dreamlike” time in the first FPT office at 56 Hoang Dieu Street, to his highs and lows and his ‘reunion’ with the technology community. As he received the first Tech Expert badge to be made of 24K Gold, the CTO expressed that with the cooperation of all, FPT IS’s technology will make a grand return to its prime.

The Level 5 Tech Expert and CTO of FPT IS – Nguyen Xuan Viet, receiving the certificate and a 24K gold badge from FPT CTO Vu Anh Tu and FPT Telecom CEO Hoang Viet Anh.

In the past 8 years, FPT had honored 9 Level 5 Tech Experts, who spearheads FPT towards becoming a comprehensive digital service provider that are top among the world.

While Nguyen Xuan Viet acknowledged himself as “not quite a model Tech Expert”, for he had taken breaks for management and business operations, he still offered valuable advices to future generation: to keep their fire, maintain their bravery, venture in new realm, and contribute their fullest to the corporation. He also believed that the firm’s benefits were adequate to retain the best of the crops – those most skilled and passionate.

Tech Experts at the Hanoi event.

FPT started its Tech Expert program in 2013, with the aim to transform FPT into a full-fledged technology corporation. Since then, it had become an annual event to attract and encourage participation in the corporation’s mutual activities. Over 8 years, the events had honored nearly 300 Tech Experts in the corporation.

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