FPT.iHotel is a hotel management program researched and deployed by FPT Information System. With its assistance in comprehensive hotel activities, the system means a modern management method with stable effectiveness, and is currently utilized in various high-end 5-star resorts and hotels.

The powerful “sidekick” for managers

The hotel management system FPT.iHotel include many management modules for individual specialized tasks. From event management to customer and room management, it easily satisfies the high standards of five-star hotels’ processes and procedures. With FPT.iHotel, manual labor will take less time, administrative costs shall be lowered, and unnecessary incurred costs will be omitted – all for effective business management and positive influences on customer management and data-mining.

FPT.iHotel assists management in business, reception, cashier and room departments

Major features of FPT.iHotel:

  • Management of hotels’ business activities
  • Management of business, reception, cashier and room departments
  • Management of customers and public debts
  • Warehouse management
  • Accurate stastitics and reports

FPT.iHotel introduces a smart booking system via prompt searching and listing of available rooms, their locations and prices for customers’ selection; processes of booking and cancellation transactions; data-storing of customers’ information and booking history.

With FPT.iHotel, receptionists can quickly book, calculate prices, and issues invoices for customers, as well as manage groups and individual bookings. In addition, the software can also account for situations such as invoice separation and extra stays.

FPT.iHotel manages and regularly updates room statuses

FPT.iHotel manages and regularly updates room statuses, then schedule proper cleaning to ensure room quality for new stays. It can also command repairs, manages room status prior to and after customers’ stays, and supervises room equipment in great details.

FPT.iHotel can also manage warehouses, with capacity ranging from input and output tasks, stock count estimation to notifications of stock-outs. Along with those is the ability to issue lists of frequently used products for a better business outlook.

The software can also manage customer information in details, including: names, addresses, phone numbers, ID card numbers…; while also track the customer’s previous transactions, record their public debts (if have), and even draw estimations on amounts and deadlines on those.

FPT.iHotel provides specific reports for hotel owners to grasp exactly how their business is doing by calculating earned profit per shift and service, counting the number of customers per day, tracking room statuses, and accounting for other problems that arise.

Five-star software for five-star hotels

Investors can optimize their investment returns with FPT.iHotel, as it reduces costs, personnel, and necessary system maintenance. The software will also provide great assistance in deploying and creating business campaigns, as well as in effective management and use of the hotel staff and assets.

FPT.iHotel is the current hotel management system for various five-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc, along with various partners of Saigon Tourist. Recently, FPT Information System had entered into contract with a four-star Phu Quoc resort – the only fully green resort from daily services to other entertainment activities.

This huge achievement is thanks to the business and consultant team, who had overcome strong competitors in the field with their pain-staking effort. FPT hopes that this contracts will lay the foundation to a spectacular year for iHotel. The project shall be in 5 weeks, with 5 modules: System management, Room and Customer management, Sales management, Event management, and Financial and Accounting management.

FPT.iHotel is fully completed and ready to deploy within 1-3 months, depending on the scale of the hotel. This is the fruit of a long episode of product-building and experimental deployment at FPT IS GMC’s Saigon Tourist.” Said the Head of the FPT.iHotel project – Mr. Do Tan Nhan

FPT Information System had reached an agreement with Microsoft – world’s largest software firm, resulting in the application of Azure – a cloud computing platform in FPT.iHotel. The software will take advantage of Azure’s multiple features, thus reduce infrastructure capital, while still maximizing practicality and security. Business customers can therefore expect FPT.IS’s applications and business solutions with great effectiveness, at the most appropriate price.

Phuong Thao

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