Joining the SoICT Innovation Day 2020, Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO, had brought a meaning message on innovation and creativity in technology, as well as FPT products that may help in transforming life.

At the SoICT Innovation Day 2020 with the topic “Innovation For Life”, Mr. Le Hong Viet had shared about an aspect in the culture representative of FPT – an environment that always welcomes innovations and encourages individual creativitiy.

Mr. Le Hong Viet sharing at SoICT Innovation Day 2020.

FPT’s efforts in innovations spread through various realms of finance-banking, healthcare, education, transportation… yet all have the same aim of transforming people’s lifestyle and working methods.

Deriving from the actual traffic situation in Vietnam, where there are thousands of users of railway services every year, especially during holidays. Yet, purchasing tickets during these times is deemed a “nightmare” with long queues, large crowds, and ticket touting. With the aim to transform the railway industry, and perform digital transformation in the field, a team of FPT engineers had built and developed an online ticket registration model, which will assist Vietnamese railway to digitalize management procedures, apply advanced technology, at the same time improve work efficiency. Now, travelers can print their own tickets instead of having to pick those up at stations, and pay via Payoo or Momo e-Wallets. These methods allow customers to easily purchase and pay for their train tickets in quick and convenient manners – all doable on a smartphone.

FPT employees helping people in buying Tet holiday train tickets.

Another product, FPT.AI Virutal Agent for Call Center had also been successfully applied in reality, and had since solved various cost and HR problems for Vietnamese businesses. Thanks to AI applications and the advanced Natural Language Processing technology, the system can handle automatic conversations with customers in Vietnamese for both inbound and outbound calls, or follow predesignated scripts. The virtual agent will also automatize repetitive tasks, therefore replacing hundreds, or even thousands of call agents, while always readily available to answer and consult all questions and inquiries for customers 24/7. The product also stands out with its ability to naturally interact two ways, accurately identify customer intents – all thanks to the continual effort and determination of FPT employees in improving customer experience.

The conversation management interface of FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center.

FPT Television is also well known as a leader in researching and development interactive television technologies. With its technological advantages, along with a deep understanding of the service userbase, FPT Television had introduced various functions – many of those available for the first time to Vietnamese users like Multicam – where users can choose the viewing angle of live programs, interact with the MC, or even choose answers in gameshows. Other functions like child supervision, reminder, voice control… are also optimized for the best user experience.

FPT CTO also shared about in-business startup projects, notable among those are: akaBot – Top 35 World’s best RPA product, which uses robot technologies to automatize businesses’ operations; CodeLearn platform – which helps people to train and practice their programming skill online and builds a growing programmer community via competitions of various levels… He also affirms that FPT is always building a working environment that encourages creativity, issuing in-time reward policies, developing investment funds and youth talent clubs – setting robust stepping stones on FPT’s path to Digital Transformation.

Recently on June 13, SoICT Innovation Day 2020, hosted by the Symposium on Information and Communication Technology – Hanoi University of Science & Technology, had welcomed the attendance of Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO, Mr. Michael Croft (UNESCO representative in Vietnam), Mr. Tan Jee Toon (President of IBM Vietnam), and Mr. Nguyen Trung Dung (President of BK-HOLDINGS GROUP).

Innovation Day 2020 with the topic “Innovation For Life” includes remarkable activities of: The Student’s Forum of Business Environment, the Technology Exhibition, the IT Innovative Products Finals, and so on. At the event, FPT had made a deep impression with its products and state-of-the-art applications, displayed at the Exhibition Area. Some aforementioned products and applications are FPT Playbox, FPT Camera, FPT.EagleEye MDR – Safety supervision & Crisis response, and the e-Government project FPT.eGov.

Linh Chi

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