Since April 1, 2018, the Research and Development Center (FIS R&D) has officially come into operation. Chief Technology Officer of FPT IS, Mr. Phan Thanh Son will be the Director of the Center within the next 3 years.

Mr. Phan Thanh Son has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer of FPT IS since April 17, 2017. The CTO of FPT IS had had more than 20 years of experience in multinational companies, having spent 15 years with Cisco, being Vietnam Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer and General Manager.

The Research and Development Center (FIS R&D) was established with the main functions of researching, developing and implementing new and advanced solutions, applying new technologies to production and business activities. The system, FIS R&D will help to enhance the ability and effectiveness of innovative technology of FPT IS.

In addition, FIS R&D is the focal point in coordinating, receiving and transferring technology from the corporation level, member companies or related units, with the view of enhancing the ability and effectiveness of innovation of FPT IS.

According to CTO Phan Thanh Son, R&D center will start to do research and build new solutions on infrastructure, the software platform to develop new software packages, rental software, tailor… so that in the shortest time, they can improve the efficiency of hi-tech products/services provided by FPT IS. Simultaneously, the R&D Center will promote research and development of innovative products of the center.

Source: FIS Weekly, chungta

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