FPT IS and Binh Minh Plastic has recently inspected there join project of “Deployment of Customer relation management system CX-SAP”.

The system CX-SAP, deployed by FPT IS shall provide Binh Minh Plastic with a logical information management system, which can approach various potential customers using a 360 degree viewpoint which takes into account customers’ preferences, behaviors, and shopping methods. It will also bring about a personalized experience to customers, thus generating more revenue for the business.

The system also integrates the pre-existing ERP and DMS (distribution management systems) of Binh Minh Plastic, fitting of the business’s methodical planning and investing strategies for technology. FPT IS, with its experience in the deployment of the ERP systems for Binh Minh and other huge customers, along with its expert team with high profession, has finished the CX-SAP solution set, with high applications for the Vietnamese consumption.

CX-SAP is the leading customer management software in the world’s digitalization and customer relation activities. The project is deployed following the core ERP to other digital connection systems, all for the digitalization of procedures and data, including information management, partnership activities, customer care… And it was this project that had put Binh Minh Plastic among pioneering businesses in digital transformation, with its readiness to invest in CX technology, innovations in business operation control, as well as in improving the efficiency of partner assistance, thus increase the overall efficiency of business operations.

Mr. Dang Thuong Trach, Vice President of ERP Services, FPT IS had shared that Binh Minh Plastic has been an early leader in technological planning and following a strict annual regime. FPT IS is proud to collaborate with Binh Minh Plastic in both of its big projects, namely ERP and CX, and both has been deployed with timeliness. At the moment, FPT IS are deploying solutions that integrate e-invoices, banking, information portals with agencies… for Binh Minh Plastic, with ERP and CX acting as the foundation to these extended technological approaches. He also affirmed: “We guaranteed to always accompany with Binh Minh Plastic in the company’s established plan on digital transformation.”

Mr. Dang Thuong Trach, Vice President of ERP Services, FPT IS

Mr. Thach had also shared that, while many large businesses in Vietnam are using ERP solutions, only some of them are integrating applications like CX, BPC (budget), or IBP (supply chain and production line). Such ERP solutions do not allow separation of individual services for differing demands, but rather is a mixed package with very high costs. At the same time, some businesses acquire the need for other specific software for smooth operations.

To deploy such integrations, businesses require high investments, quality profession, as well as an experienced deployment team. As such, many are deterred from integrating them. Binh Minh Plastic has been a rare determination in its decisive action to invest in the R&D of a CX-integrated system.

At the inspection event, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai, Vice Business Director of Binh Minh Plastic had shared that, the company had partnered with FPT IS in the CX-SAP project with the aim to efficiently control sales procedures, optimize catering for difference customer classifications from a cohesive customer database, as well as build a tool for receiving and processing customers’ feedback. This is the 2nd project of Binh Minh Plastic done in cooperation with FPT IS since 5 years ago. “The project inspection had strengthened my faith in FPT IS’s deployment ability. It is our hope that FPT IS will continue to accompany us on the road to digital transformation, as it is now”, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai said.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai, Vice Business Director of Binh Minh Plastic

The project “Deployment of Customer relation management system CX-SAP” for Binh Minh Plastic officially started since June 2019, and is now applied at Binh Minh Plastic JSC, Binh Minh Plastic Single-shareholder Ltd of the Northern regions, as well as 4 subsidiary factories (located at District 6 – Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Long An, and Hung Yen respectively), and the Danang branch of the firm. The current ERP system of Binh Minh Plastic also had FPT IS as its deployer.

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