Increasing 80% of work efficiency, saving 60% of costs, resources optimization… all are goals that every business strives to make. For solutions to these difficult problems in maneuvering and management, businesses can view FPT’s online consulting session for its 3 solution packages, to be hosted at 14h, June 10.

Every Wednesday on the company’s digital transformation page, FPT will hold an Online consulting session with experts on respective topics, in order to assist Vietnamese businesses in finding the key to recovery and breakthrough post-pandemic. FPT’s ecosystem of digital transformation solution will help businesses find out how to improve efficiency why minimizing costs. Then, with the new knowledge, they will be able to overcome difficulties, keep up with the market, and operate in the new normalcy.

At the session, FPT experts with years of experience in solving business crisis and deploying successful digital transformation projects, will bring helpful solutions via superior technologies. The event will start at 14h, Wednesday (June 10), and will focus on the solutions of FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center, FPT.AI Conversation, and FPT.AI Vision, to help optimize operations, save costs, and improve efficiency. To attend the session, businessmen and businesses can register here.

Among the solutions, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center will equip businesses with a smart call center, able to perform natural conversations, interact with customers, as well as collect statistics and information from calls. With the virtual agent, businesses can save up to 50% of costs, and improve efficiency at around 40%. This smart virtual agent can perform hundreds of personalized outbound calls to large quantities of customers, in order to notify or provide information on new products/services, or promotions, unexpected errors, as well as carry out surveys, issue schedule reminders, and verify information. It can also respond to inbound calls from customers, consult and answer frequently asked questions, direct customers to products/services, or connect them to different divisions appropriate to customer demands. Furthermore, the virtual agent is also equipped with a diverse range of voices for different genders (male – female), accents (North – Middle – South), meeting the many different needs of different businesses.

In FPT.AI Conversation, the AI-integrated chatbot can automatically answer to thousands of customer requests at the same time, thus saving up to 60% of operational costs. The smart chatbot will also improve various business operations, including: Customer service, Marketing – Sales, Human resources… by interacting with target customers. The conversation management feature will also allows the bot to track, understand, and closely interact with customers. Using the most advanced Nature Language Processing technology, the chatbot can offer personalized interactions, and understand customers better through each interaction and conversation.

FPT.AI Vision helps to quicken the data processing procedures and customer identification, from 2-3 days down to just 4 seconds, using Cognitive RPA, image identification, form identification, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The Vision module also offer a comprehensive administration document automatization procedure, which can digitalize and store all basic documents like: ID cards, Driver licenses, Receipts… as will as simplify all these documents to one standard form. Furthermore, the electronic Know Your Customer solution using eKYC AI will help identify customers by asking them to provide personal documents, take selfies, and follow other instructions. With the solution, identification will take mere seconds, and transactions can be done in minutes. At the moment, FPT had deployed this solution at various financial organization in and outside the country, all of which had shown high operational efficiency. In particular, eKYC takes less than 10 second to identify customers, thus reducing verification time by 70%. The system also help reduce 25% of errors at banks during data input.

On FPT’s Digital Operation website, users can choose one solution for online consultant among FPT’s digital transformation solution ecosystem, including: FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center, FPT.AI Conversation, and FPT.AI Vision.

Next, users shall choose the form of consultant and leave their contact details in order to receive support. In particular, businesses can register for the free online consulting session with experts, or book a separate consulting session with the product’s development team. A successful booking will be followed by a confirmation screen, along with an automatic confirmation email to the email used in registration, verify the consultant contents and a link to the online consulting room.

According to PwC’s recent survey on vital elements for overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, most CFOs agree that work flexibility (72%), endurance and promptness (65%), and tech investment (52%) will bring long-term benefits to their businesses. Meanwhile, only 16% CFOs are considering delaying or cancelling their digital transformation investments.

COVID-19 had made many businesses realized the importance of a compact, flexible, cost-saving, resource-optimizing, and efficiency-improving operation model. And this is not a temporary relieve for the pandemic, either, but is a long-term orientation for businesses in the future.

Technology experts and AI solution sets of FPT will support businesses to create breakthroughs in productivity, optimizing the operating process in the current New Normal context. Sign up here:
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