In the era of Artificial Intelligence, API/Data was one of the key factors which decide the success of the research. However, only large corporations and companies have enough potential to build high-quality API/Data. With the desire to promote the technology movement throughout Vietnam, to create the best conditions for contestants, FPT has opened many valuable APIs/Data at Vietnam AI Hackathon 2017.

This is the first time that FPT has organized a programming contest for people who are working in technology field, the participant is programmers, talented students, and technology lovers. They will form their own team with a minimum of two members and a maximum of five members. After participating in the qualifying round, 15 teams with the best ideas will be in the final round. The teams will code, demonstrate the product and present it directly to the judges.

Currently, FPT owns a large amount of valuable data and technology platforms, such as, Text to speech, user data from VnExpress, and other prominent applications such as FPT Play, Smart Traffic System,… The teams can develop their ideas based on data sources and APIs provided or based on their personal experiences to create applications using AI to help users have unlimited experience.

FPT offers many valuable APIs at Vietnam AI Hackathon. Photo Source: FPT Hackathon 2016.

With APIs/Data provided, each unit has different expectations. Some units, subsidiaries have submitted their problems to the organizer, hoping to find the perfect solution for themselves.

For example of, which operates in the field of e-commerce, with three APIs, including: Get product list according to category, Search for Product on and Get Detailed information on; the problem that this company wants solution is: How to help customers experience smart purchase and discover counterfeit products.

Or with the huge amount of user data from VnExpress, FPT Online would like participants to create many interesting news-reading applications for users. FPT IS provides API in smart traffic, which enables to develop virtual assistants for traffic, warning software, predict traffic condition, integrate map, and also API for vehicle number plate recognition in Vietnam.

FPT HO provides API in Vietnamese “text to speech”, CyRadar – the next-generation information security solution provides API to search for malicious code and source. FPT Software brings the most APIs mostly about image recognition and natural language processing.

The APIs are now being introduced at the website of the contest. Detailed information about each API will be sent to participants by the organizer.

The team won Open FPT award at FPT internal Hackathon in 2016.

In order to encourage the contestants to use their APIs, besides the championship with 50 million in cash and many valuable presents such as the latest Amazon Alexa speakers, FPT playbox, AWS Credit account worth $100 from Amazon, Fshare VIP account + Amazon Alexa set, there are also more attractive awards from the API providers including:

  • Smart Connect Award: VND 10 million. (Category: Using FPT Software’s API).
  • Superlative Intelligence Award: VND 10 million + 1-year using FPT.AI, OpenFPT for free. (Category: Using FPT.AI API).
  • E-commerce Application Award: VND 10 million. (Category: Using’s API).
  • Excellent product using API/data of FPT Trading: VND10 million.
  • Retail Application Award: VND 5 million + Opportunity to receive support from FPT in developing products and share profits based on sales. (Sponsored by FPT Retail).
  • Information Safety Award: VND 5 million. (Category: Using CyRadar’s API).

Vietnam AI Hackathon is organized to promote technology movement across Vietnam, thereby finding new ideas, new elements for technology.

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Nguyen Ha

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