We had an intimate conversation with Mr. Nguyen Quoc Luc – FPT Retail’s Manager of Information System. He shared many useful experiences and give the motivation to help young people get closer to success.

Please introduce yourself and the chance take you to FPT Retail

I started working at FRT in 2013, up to now, I have always devoted myself to FRT by my knowledge, experiences, and enthusiasm. During four working years at FRT, I have gone through many different positions, which give me many practical and precious experiences. FRT is a good working environment, you do not only learn from the big projects, but FRT is also a big family where I have a lot of happy memories.

The fact that, joining FRT is the recommendation from FPT Corporation. After discussing with Mrs. Diep – General Director about FRT’s goals, I was very excited, so I agreed to participate in growing of FRT.

How can you convey passion, enthusiasm for your teammates to create impressive products?

In my thinking, there is no distinction between boss and employee. We’re a family that working for the development and prosperity of FRT. I have a feeling that each individual is a factor in the success of the company. So that, I always show my respect for each employee. Not just working, we support together, eat together, sleep together and try our best to achieve the common goal, thereby creating the habit of “Work hard, play hard”. It’s never roses but the thorns of them will accompany us on the road to success.

What did you do when faced with difficult problems?

Working at FRT, you always have to deal with various difficult issues, so everyone must learn new things day by day, approach new technology. This is extremely necessary for me, a leader, an inspiring person. When I faced with a difficult problem, I will first analyze issue in detail to find out the reasons and essence of problems in order to get method accurately. After that, my team will gather together for discussing and planning for implementation. At the same time, in the process of implementation, I will follow the progress to orientate and adjust everything adapts actual situation in time.

For yourself, what do you think which is the biggest achievement you have achieved since joining FRT?

For me, the most memorable achievement is building FRT’s IT System and completing my team. It sounds simple but the process is extremely difficult. Because FRT is a big company, doing business with thousands of mobile products with a large team of employees throughout the country. To be able to complete such a huge system, my team have to spend a lot of time and energy but finally, we’re so happy and proud of the result. After all, we realize that the more challenges we confront, the more happiness we have.

Could you tell us about the most memorable moment with your colleagues at FRT?

A memory that I never forget is building core-POS. This is a very important project which requires investment both in human and money. During a month, my team worked, ate, slept together, working with the most intense so that finish our project timely and effectively. We tried our best to contribute the growing of FRT.

How did the Management Board support you during the time you work with FRT?

Since joined FRT, I have always received enthusiastic and strong support from the Board. I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Board, who is always by my side and support me in every situation. Besides that, my team and I always receive encouragement, timely reward from the Board, helping to motivate all members to try and dedicate themselves to the company goal.

Please tell us about your plan in next time.

We are living in Technology World. Therefore, Information Technology is a key figure for a success of organizations. In fact, FRT is not also an exception. In short-term plans, I will release several applications that bring customers and staffs to a lot of the exclusive experiences and the most convenient. In concluding, all of us will sense the professional of FRT.

Finally congratulations again and thank you!

Nguyen Quoc Luc (1982) – Chief Technology Officer, FPT Retail

Before joining FPT Retail, Nguyen Quoc Luc had accumulated a wealth of experience at FPT IS and FPT Software. A long-time ERP project manager, he has joined many projects with international partners such as Alghanim Industries (Kuwait), Hitachi (Japan), Brenntag (Germany), Chiyoda (Japan). Mr Luc led the entire digitalization effort at FPT Retail, especially its mobile PoS system. He is currently overseeing the adoption of such innovations as automatic customer identification and customer behavior recognition at FPT stores.

Kieu Thu – FPT Retail

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