FPT Shop – The process needs increasingly automating


Mr. Nguyen Bach Diep – “female general” of FPT Retail, the owner of FPT Shop retail chain, said in her statement: “We only have 5 years, so the process has to be more automated, the more automated it is, the less dependent on people and more saving costs and manpower we are.”

Application of price adjustment software system based on inventory data

Over the past 3 years, the replacement of FPT Shop’s price has been strenuous. “Before that, we sent a list of products needed to be changed and the shops had to type manually on the computer, then print, cut and change the price. Later, we have just been partly automatic,” she said.

We cannot deny the advantages of electronic price indexes when updating prices and be avoiding human mistakes, but to invest in the electronic price system like the World of Mobile, it is estimated to spend about 20 billion VND.

There is only one person in charge of changing price process. After receiving the notice, the person just needs to access the software, open his shop name, print out the A4, cut and then change the price of the product. The approach as Ms. Diep said is the pricing process that applies the price adjustment software system based on inventory data.

For example, to change the price of Galaxy Note 8, after applying the price of this product on the software system, the system will be based on the number of inventory in stores such as shop A with 3 machines left, B with 2 machines left… to adjust the price. All this process will be solved by the system in a snap. Normally, there are about 5-7 products that need to be replaced every day. Time of change is set after 10 pm, avoid making shop chaotic if the price change during the daytime.

Although not using the electronic price list system, with a rigorous process combined with support from the software company, FPT Shop takes only 10 minutes to change the price per day.

Retailing is a vast industry and the innovations in this business are so tremendous that FPT Corporation does not need to put the issue or launch the race, FPT Shop itself has “a long list of all kinds of improvements in the world to do.”

“I also have to improve competitiveness. So, we could not stop. Our improvements are many and varied, and the price change is just a tiny part.”

Apply face recognition technology

The face recognition technology is what she wants to apply to the store chain of FPT Shop. With this technology, when you walk into the shop of FPT Shop, the camera will recognize who you are (if you are here), the shop will run the electronic word like “Welcome Ms. X to our shop” , or the employee immediately put his hands on his chest and bowed to him and said, “Hello, Mrs. X.

When the customer comes, the staff calls the customer’s name, their attitude will be different. Assume that you’ve just bought an iPhone, many of the customers stepped in and the employee knows what your name is, and you know what you used to buy, and ask if you’ve bought the iPhone well, do you want to buy the case? Because the store just imported a new back case beautiful…

In fact, FPT Shop has had this technology, it is applied effectively. Currently, FPT Shop is installing the App on customers’ computers, when customers return to FPT Shop, the App turns on and the customer’s phone is connecting with Wifi or Bluetooth, the “eye” of FPT Shop is linked and recognizes the familiar customers immediately with their purchase history.

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