FPT Slovakia is established in April 2004 and currently employs almost 300 IT experts. FPT Slovakia’s the main task is to provide IT services within the utility business. These services divided into portfolios including: SAP Competence Center; Custom Applications; Trading Applications; Cloud Professional Services; Global Test Center and Content Media Entertainment.
SAP Competence Centre
SAP Competency center enables business partners increase efficiency in their core business operations. The team focuses especially (but not exclusively) on services and solutions in domains like Utilities, Retail, Consumer Products, Public Sector (Tax) and Manufacturing where the team possesses strong business know-how from all of the global activities.
In the last ten years, the team has been delivering successfully   excellent services and solutions  to  partners in EU, Asia and the US. In addition, the team has developed a customized rollout templates (for Asian customers in Retail sector) to make ERP rollouts fast and cost efficient for all customers.  The team also participated greatly in the systems implementation after the legal changes of unbundling activities in EU for energy sector in CEE countries and Germany.
The team strongly believes that the future of SAP is on HANA and Cloud; therefore, R&D activities of that area are decided to be the main focus of FPT Slovakia. The team is currently working on a special SAP product which will enable Utility companies who are possessing transition/distribution grid to make their investments into Grid on right time what can bring savings in millions of EUR.
Custom Applications
Custom Application department covers projects in the utility and non-utility areas throughout their whole life cycle from communication with the customer and project design to the development and subsequent “support” of the project. The goal is to provide customers with innovative solutions  to optimize the processes in their business.
Most of the projects are delivered to German and English customers. The range of projects are widely varied such as  desktop applications, web applications and services, mobile applications and server administration (Window, Linux / Unix).
Trading Applications
Trading Applications is one of the key focus areas in 2016. Members of this department are helping customers with delivering  solutions in the scope of testing, support and development of applications related to trading activities of energy sector .
Trading Applications has an impressive track record of delivery coming from more than30 projects over the last 5 years and more of  supporting  RWE Supply & Trading, with the majority of it being connected to Openlink Endur applications in areas like Front Office (Trading), Middle Office (Risk Management & Reporting) and Back Office (Settlement & Operations).
Technologies used are modules of Openlink Endur applications as well as other satellite-connected systems. Based on the experience and delivery record, the department is expanding in 2016crossing both geographical and cultural boundaries.
Cloud Professional Services
FPT Slovakia and its consultants and developers with close cooperation with technicians from FPT Software, the mother company, help clients choose the suitable Cloud platform and adopt Cloud technology. Cloud computing has proven to be the best answer to the questions of driving business innovation, optimize efficiency while reducing overall costs. Through numerous projects in various domains we understand clients’ concerns while moving to Cloud and have the know-how to overcome these obstacles.
Global Test Center
Global Test Center (GTC) at GDU delivers QA and testing services for Utility business. With more than 10 years of experience, the team helps  customers  reduce and mitigate the quality’s risks and ensure the best quality of products and services.the test engineers are holding professional certificates such as ISTQB. By running the testing units following TCoE model, the domain expertise is developed intensively andhelps  engage people with the team. The test process is defined to align with international standard, following ISTQB and CMMi-5.. Applyingthe use of in-house tools will provide you quantitative and visual reports of whole project’s quality status in real-time, the team is able tooffer a customize process to adapt with clients’ needs.
Services in GTC department include: Software Testing, Test Automation, Mobile App Testing and Compatibility Testing.
Content Media Entertainment
Members of Content Media Entertainment (CMM) team always work  their best, they take on big challenges and they take pride on the great delivered quality of the projects. . In CME newest technologies are used and delivered at the highest quality in the following services:
Project management
•    Collateral E2E project management in Engineering, Infrastructure and Operations
•    Managing of multiple vendors and resources in distributed teams
System engineering
•    Technical system analysis
•    Formulation and documenting of business requirements
•    Business process analyzing and modelling
Test automation
•    Using common test automation platform across various business units
•    Wide technology support – web UI, web services, databases, file comparison, message queues
•    Reuse as much as possible using modular structure
•    Potential to automate a big part of currently manual regression test cases
Robert Packan – FPT Slovakia 
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