For the first time, FPT Software and the Vietnam Students Association organized Code War – a programming contest for students across the country with a total prize value of up to 1 billion.

According to the rules from the organizers, from now until September 24, students nationwide can register to participate in the Code War programming contest organized by FPT Software. This is a playground to help students show their competence in programming, creating a training environment to become a quality technology expert and programmer.

Each team consists of up to 3 members from the same or different school. After registration, the teams will go through companionship, preliminary rounds and the final. The final examination is expected to be held on October 18 in Hanoi. Team representatives register to attend HERE.

The total award of Code War 2019 is up to 1 billion. Specifically, in addition to the certificate of merit from the Central Association of Vietnamese Students, the champion team will receive a tour of Japan worth up to VND 120 million. The first three prizes will receive an additional 20 million VND/prize; Three Second prizes will receive 10 million VND/prize. Three Third Prizes in the region round will receive VND 5 million/prize. In addition, all First, Second and Third teams will receive a free course at Fresher Academy worth USD 1,000.

Besides the awards for the first, second and third teams in each region, the organizers also gave 25 million VND to the school with the largest number of students registered to participate.

Code War is a nationwide programming contest organized by FPT Software, including online and offline formats. With the online exam, the test is opened every day, candidates will do all the test and submit it right on the exam system. For the offline section, the contestants who participated were the best in the online round. Candidates will sit at the same test site, supervised by the supervisor to ensure fairness and honesty. Each Code War team requires three members.

This year, teams will compete online on the Code Learn system (at – teach code, compete in programming online. The system was built and developed by FPT Software Productivity Improvement Department (PID) since 2018.

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