It’s a place where FPT Software showcases capabilities and experiences of trendy technologies, which supports sales/pre-sales activities intuitively and effectively. Today, a storage of videos including demo, PoCs, and POTATO Talking series has appeared on with an official name: Digital Demo Hub.

Digital Demo Hub is a site which gathers all of videos including demo/live demo, PoC, and POTATO Talking series. Access to and sign in with your account, you can easily find all videos in emerging technologies that FPT Software is focusing on. The current version supports 4 languages: English, Japan, French and German.

Digital Demo Hub is born for sales and presales activities as it helps demonstrate our strengths to targeted customers in a digital way. It is a support tool to showcase our capabilities and our experiences of trendy technologies and industries.

Currently, the site provides nearly 70 videos in which are divided into many categories, such as Technology, Industry, PoC, and POTATO Talking.


Accordingly, there are nearly 40 demo videos which are classified into technology and industry. Users can easily find emerging technologies, for example: AI, Cloud, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, Data Analytics, etc. As for industry: Logistics, Automotive, Finance, Retail, Oil & Gas, etc. are also released on Digital Demo Hub.


A series of our successful proof of concept projects (PoCs) are also reconstituted in a new face, bringing their own story, solution and core values. Every PoC video is accompanied with a brief description that makes it easy for the viewer to visualize the whole solution.


All of the videos in POTATO Talking series recorded FPT Software expert’s point of view also uploaded on Digital Demo Hub. These brief about our outstanding projects in which our teams deal with interesting technologies.


In the next phase, we would like to collaborate and get the contribution from all FSUs to enrich more the Digital Demo Hub and serve for global sale/ presales activities. Meanwhile, please share with us also your comment and feedback about the Digital Demo Hub through email: [email protected].


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